Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Essential apps for your Sneaker Fever

The Sneaker game favours those who are always ready and prepared. As we all now, dope kicks are released almost every day. A lot of people who are immersed in the sneaker culture invest massive amount of time, dedication and not to mention their sweat and tears just to secure a pair. That statement is without exaggeration for sneakerheads like us. Just how important is it for us to be the first to know? Well, it’s pretty much the reason why we are in front of the line. A certain amount of heat can cause a big outrage just to secure a pair of sneaks. The most probable outcome of your incompetent preparation for this shoe event directs you towards the back of the line, and we all know this scenario often leads into a not-so-positive outcome.

To gather the information we need, particularly the release dates and other important details such as the reason behind the heat of the latest drops, can be found obviously in the brand manufacturer’s site, sneaker blogs, and trending news. All these are located in the World Wide Web. So, how do we get this imperative and vital information while we’re on-the-go or perhaps while we are at work or doing any of our agendas that would separate us from our laptops and computers? The answer is simple. We have our trusty smartphones and their ever-so-convenient apps to thank for. I’ve manage to collect the list of noteworthy apps which I personally think will play as a convenient tool for your “sole searching” activities and of course be a beneficial addition to fuel your sneaker fever.

1.       Unlaced by Urban Sensory

The app does not only offer you updated news and latest drops, but it also enables you to take a quick snapshot of the kicks you’re wearing. Moreover, it has a feature that lets you organize each of your dopest kicks by dates. This enables you to interchange between your collections, so you may showcase them and let them enjoy the limelight equally. This said feature is a smart and remarkable addition focusing on your sneaker management. I give this app an A+ for its smart features and cool-looking user-interface.

2.       J23 by Matt Berg

Did you know that Michael Jordan was fined by the NBA for wearing the Nike Air Jordan 1 because it does not match the on-court dress code? Learn the history behind every Jordan shoe with the J23 app. This app also features push notifications allowing you to have convenient updates on the upcoming Jordan releases. The Jordan Brand is, without a doubt, the most popular brand of sneakers for all the sneakerheads out there. Avid Jordan brand fans will definitely go crazy over this app.

3.       Adidas Originals

Embedded with groundbreaking technology, the 3D image recognition, users can simply take a photo of an Adidas Originals’ item and subsequently receive its closest matches and their available colourways. This app can also provide you with the directions to the nearest shoe store where your desired kicks are found and allow you to instantaneously post them to Facebook, so everyone you know can see your newly added additions to your Adidas collection. A definitely must have for the Adidas fans.

4.       eBay

Having trouble finding a good deal? Or do you simply have a hard time looking for your desired kicks? Solve both these dilemmas with the eBay app. Locate good deals from a wide network of trusted sellers from around the globe, or simply put your own kicks up for sale. You might not know it yet, but what you’re looking for may be a simple tap away from this app.

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