Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quitbit, a lighter way to put an end to your smoking

Trying or even planning to quit smoking is probably the hardest thing to do for smokers of all sorts. Either you’re an occasional or heavy chain-smoker, putting an end to your smoking habit may seem to be rather impossible at first. We’ve been handed down with plenty of smoking alternatives, like e-cigarettes, nicotine patches or gums but none of these seem to replace the sedation we get from smoking.

Luckily, a new smart device emerges from the technological realm. This device promises to turn our smoking sensations into a complete smoking cessation. The Quitbit smartlighter may just be the last lighter you’ll ever buy or better yet it’s the lighter you actually need to completely halt your smoking.

The Quitbit smartlighter was successfully funded from Kickstarter.com on June 11, 2014. The smartlighter project received a total of $55,287 worth of pledges and 657 backers to come along with it. For all of those who are wondering what’s so special about this lighter, well for starters, the Quitbit smartlighter is a non-butane-dependent lighter; instead it uses a heating coil to light up your cigarettes. It also has the capability to track down how many sticks you had per day and and also comes along with an app which you can install in your trusty partner, your smartphone.

So just how does tracking your sticks per day help you stop your habit of smoking? The answer is simple; it makes you conscious of how much you smoke per day. From the information the Quitbit lighter provided you with, you can now take control and limit the cigarettes you light per day and then from there on you may start constructing your “smoke-no-more” campaign and plan to slowly decrease the number of sticks you smoke until eventually you put an end to your smoking habit.

With the help of the Quitbit app, you will be able to know how much you’ve also saved from cutting down the sticks you had plus you’ll also be introduced into a support group wherein former smokers and planning-to-quit-smokers like you motivates you with inspirational messages to help you push through on your withdrawal stage. As we all know, the drug withdrawal stage is the most painful phase we have to go through after we quit smoking – this is also most likely to be the reason behind starting the bad habit all over again.

Currently, the Quitbit smartlighter is priced at $89. It’s kinda pricey for a lighter if you asked me; but just keep in mind of what it could do for you. I mean, where else will you be able to find a lighter that will help you stop yourself from smoking?

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