Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Luxury Statement Piece for a Smartphone

Who says a smartphone can’t be both a luxury statement piece and a worthy partner? The latest masterpiece from the world renowned luxury smartphone manufacturer, Vertu, embodies the existence of a gadget bestowed with both class and superior functionalities. Although priced at a staggering USD 11,300 or almost 6, 650 British Sterling, the Vertu Signature Touch may have what it takes to convince you to burn a large amount of your cash for a rather pricey but unmatchable smartphone experience.

Let’s have a rundown of its pros and cons for us to have a quick preview of Vertu’s prided masterpiece.

Good points

·         Design and Durability

The Vertu Signature Touch is composed of high-class materials to pull off a very luxurious and classy finish. Some of these high-class elements include a ruby crystal as a physical button, a virtually scratchproof sapphire glass, hand-fed calf leather and Grade 5 titanium. The Grade 5 titanium is a material commonly seen on race cars and spacecrafts. With that being said, you are assured to have an elegant-looking yet highly-durable smartphone.

·         Performance and Specs

In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen and Dolby Digital Surround Sound for its audioware, this luxury smartphone turns your conventional media listening experience into literally and without exaggeration, greater heights. If that does not get you amazed, Vertu also collaborated with Hasselblad for an unmatchable and unrivaled mobile photography on its 13MP rear camera. And on top of all that, the Vertu Signature Touch is equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor that works hand-in-hand with 2GB of RAM. This combination brings forth massive amount of computing power, enabling you to take on all your mobile activities in a high-speed manner.

·         Luxurious and High-class Perks

This is where the Vertu Signature Touch greatly separates itself from all the budget friendly smartphones. The luxurious perks may be the ones responsible for its rather pricey price tag. Where else will you be able to find a smartphone that gives off complimentary tickets to exclusive or members only invites? Also, what other smartphone can give you dedicated 24-hour worldwide assistance? The Vertu Concierge, Vertu Life and the Certainty service features are, without a doubt, this smartphone’s biggest assets. To be teased and tempted to enjoy luxury? You just won’t pass that up, right?


·        Pricing

The single but most important aspect to look at when choosing a smartphone is pricing, and for Vertu Signature Touch this is its weakest point. Priced at a staggering and highly astounding $11,300, Vertu’s masterpiece seems to sound quite intimidating rather than to sound tempting. Although packed with nearly everything that you could ever wish for, this amazing smartphone is still an impractical item to buy. Knowing technology is still at a fast-paced growth; The Vertu Signature Touch’s high-end specs will eventually become insufficient for our tomorrow’s technological demands. When that time comes it will pretty much be a mere jewelry or perhaps just an accessory to portray the standards of your living.

The Vertu Signature Touch is, without a doubt, an impractical item to purchase unless you really got that much cash to burn and willing to pay a lot to enjoy a high-class mobile lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, this smartphone looks amazing in both design and performance. but But if you’re primarily planning to buy a smartphone and plan to use it as a convenient tool to boost your productivity rather than a jewelry or statement piece, then this item is not what you should affix your eyes on. There are a lot of smartphones out in the market today with lesser digits on their price tags and as equally exceptional in terms of performance. What would you rather have for a partner? A trusty and reliable smartphone with lesser cost? O or a very pricey jewelry-phone?

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