Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Future of Smartwatches

2014 will be the year of smartwatches or more popularly termed now as “wearables”. Giant brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG have been focusing on the creation of the ultimate wearable. Then comes Android Wear, Google’s latest breakthrough which is basically a very ambitious operating system for smartwatches. Some concepts include the incorporation of popular Google apps like Google Map and Google Now, as well as the ability to reply to your messages via voice command, well how cool is that?

A quick rundown of Android Wear concepts are (brace yourselves) health and fitness features which tells you how many calories you burned while on your way to work, QR codes which are basically everywhere, voice command anything as if you have your pc or remote control with you, and loads more. With this innovative operating system, many companies are preparing their own line of wearables to be Android Wear-ready. Good for them! Here is a list of wearables you might want to put on your wrists:

Samsung’s Simband
Samsung is now taking a different path—a medically inclined one. Simband is Samsung’s new smartwatch equipped with all the sensors you have in your list plus more. These sensors are focused on monitoring your health and fitness, so it is safe to say this wearable is not meant for everyone who aims for a smartwatch that is more than monitoring health and fitness. Features include measuring your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure (awesome!), temperature, ECG (more awesome!), blood chemical levels, your eating and exercise habits, and body fat percentage.  This little device is like your personal medical assistant right on your wrist! The great thing about the Simband is its modular construction in which developers can devise new sensors for who-knows what purpose. Exciting, isn’t it?

Motorola’s Moto 360
With a rumour release this summer, many say it will be explosive. Moto 360 is yet another wearable to watch for. Custom made from OLED display to conserve battery and prolong its performance while a lot of reports say it’ll be covered in Sapphire glass—expensive and elegant just like that. If this is true, we will be having one of the toughest displays, even four times stronger than Gorilla Glass.

LG G Watch and Sony SmartWatch 2
LG and Sony have already produced their versions of wearables. Both have outstanding features you wish are in just one smartwatch. The LG Watch has this always-on display for the lazy you. No more pressing the wake-up button to check the time or notifications. The Sony SmartWatch 2 however, screens phone alerts, is Gmail ready, and shows call info in real time, all in a one water-resistant piece of equipment. That’s how you put the cherry on top.

Pebble Smartwatch
The great thing about the Pebble wearable is its broad compatibility conquering both iOS and Android devices. It is also waterproof and features a lot of apps you can get your restless fingers on. Running via Bluetooth connection, it is one tempting smartwatch to wear.

Get ready for Apple’s iWatch

Apple has been rumoured (a lot of times) to produce its own smartwatch, but as the unveiling of the latest iPhone 6 becomes inevitable, many of us believe and desperately hope it will be true this time.  

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