Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Thorough Look on What Makes the HTC One M8 the Better Smartphone

The year 2014 brings forth the biggest and most explosive revelations in the smartphone industry. Every smartphone company has its big guns within its arsenal for its upcoming reveal. Flagship devices come and go, but those step-by-step innovations are what give a smartphone company its status. Apple is up for the iPhone 6, while Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S5, and as for HTC, it has made its acclaimed One even better with the HTC One M8.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer may not be the biggest within its sphere, but it is no doubt a company that raises the bar of the competition it is in. In fact, it placed high in numerous charts, even became phone of the year in some tech sites. But disappointingly, sales of the HTC 2013 flagship phone did not fare as much as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5s. Some things are just meant to be treated unfairly. Be that as it may, this year might be HTC’s chance to make more people believe in its awesome product. Without further ado, let us look closely on what the brand new flagship device of HTC has to offer.

On the outside appearance, the design of the One M8 is worth the second glance. The handset is made of 90% metal that seamlessly wraps around the unibody frame. Its curved form and ergonomic design is intentionally made to perfectly fit the user’s hand for natural ease when used. To add up with the overall design, the dual front-facing speakers that packs a blast of volume and sound quality gives the One M8 a look that implies a well-thought concept. Essentially, the HTC One M8 is a smartphone built to impress.

Following its powerful predecessor, we can expect the latest flagship of HTC to be superior in terms of features and performance as well. The One M8 took all the superb aspects of its antecedent and improved it in every area to integrate the latest smartphone technology. The compact device houses a powerful quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz with 2GB of RAM. When placed side by side other flagship phones, it proves to be one of the most powerful.

It’s a hard fact that one of the most sought after features of smartphones is its camera. Mobile photography has become a norm, especially with the cool features that make each shot brilliant, and this made this small yet functional component a major selling point of smartphone manufacturers. The dual rear camera of the One M8 may seem absurd at first, but you’ll soon realize that it is not a useless piece of junk. The tandem of the two cameras uses a parallax to determine the positioning of objects in the scene, producing a perception of depth. With that feature, you can easily set the focus, add effects, or give a unique twist of each shot in edit mode; just let your creativity spill out.

For most mobile consumers, storage space is a major concern. But for the HTC One M8, an extra of up to 128GB can be added to its built-in storage via a Micro SD card, unlike with the earlier version. This way, you can be able to optimize your device and access everything you want without thinking about where to place your files in.

The HTC One M8 is truly a fantastic device. But due to the renowned fame and glory of the Taiwanese company’s competitors, it’s quite unlikely that the HTC One M8, though utterly outstanding, can outsell the flagships of the others. Give this device a try, and see for yourself how far it can go in giving you the best smartphone experience you ever had.

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