Thursday, April 3, 2014

Find the Best Smartphone for You as of 2014| April Edition

As we hit the year 2014, innovation of smartphones came popping out like mushrooms. With the advancement of technology at a neck-breaking speed, do you think you can still keep up?

The big boys of the mobile industry always make sure they bring something new on the table. Some offer once a year, while others enjoy releasing more than one neat piece to the masses. Ehem, Apple. But, as I’ve implied, there is so much on the plate. See if these top 5 smartphone sweet treats as of the year 2014 could satisfy your cravings all the way.

#5: HTC One M8

The one thing that could be your mate this 2014 is no other than the HTC One M8. Who could just say ‘no’ with this eye-candy smartphone with a luxurious metal design? If you have this phone, guaranteed it’ll be a head-turner! Released just recently, it is by far the best looking device here on the surface! Not to mention its sleek UI and the booming speakers. Yes, who could forget the best of last year’s HTC One that is the BoomSound stereo speakers that is also rolling out with the HTC One M8? No audiophile could ever get enough of the HTC One M8 for sure!

#4: Samsung Galaxy S5

 You think you’ve fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy S4? Check out what the Samsung Galaxy S5—Samsung’s flagship—has to offer! Aside from once again rolling out the things we loved about the S4, the S5 now has an inclusion of fingerprint reader for secure logins, and built-in heart rate sensor that is associated with the S Fitness app that allows the user to achieve the optimal workout! Plus, it is equipped with a 16-Megapixel rear camera, so you’ll end up having more fun on snagging out photos and of course, selfies!

#3: Motorola Moto X

 Who wouldn’t love a phone that you can customize? And because Motorola wants you to be you, they now give you the privilege to customize the most talked about Motorola Moto X! First off, an AT&T customer must log on to the Moto Maker in order for the fun to get started. After that, you get to choose among the 18 back-cover colors, seven accent colors, and two front colors (white or black). Mix and match with your taste, and there you have it! Will you still need a swanky back case to lessen the dullness of your phone’s appearance? Also, this nifty phone has some tricks up its sleeve such as launching the 10-MP camera just by flicking the phone twice in your wrist! How cool is that?

#2: Apple iPhone 5S

 Rising up to number 2 is also the most talked about Apple iPhone 5S. If you’re into killer apps, then Apple iPhone 5S is the one to bag—or, could you even put them inside your bag with all the awesome features it offers? Thanks to Apple’s new A7 chip and 64-bit architecture, you can now keep up with the neck-breaking speed of technology. Now if you’re into having perfect selfies—oh, I know you want to—then just grab hold of it! It now has bigger pixels and an inclusion of dual flash! Let’s not also drift our thoughts away from the device’s Touch ID feature that lets you unlock your device and make purchases through the fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5S sure has something to brag!

#1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

 Yes, a phablet ranks up to number 1. It’s still a phone, right? If there’s anything that this could brag more than its competitors is that it has a bright full HD screen, superfast Snapdragon 800 processor, and the battery life that can last more than 11 hours! Yes, it’s okay to cry! But be mindful that you’ll need two hands to handle this beast. Not to mention the S-pen software has undergone lots of enhancements, so you’ll get to enjoy the tricks the S-pen offers! This smarty piece is by far the best overall smartphone.

So, which of these could satisfy your taste? Leave a comment below if you think there are other phones that are better than the listed above. Let us hear your thoughts!

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