Sunday, February 23, 2014

Technology and the Human DNA

 Technology is a huge subject to tackle on. It is composed of various areas of human pursuits such as communication and improved living conditions. For the last few years, the geniuses of the world have focused their brain neurons into stabilizing the communication facet which is invariably important if we are to continue living in a harmonious planet.

We’ve seen how powerful the human mind turn out to be as exhibited by the remarkable innovations especially now that we've jump a few more stones forward with wearable technology.
Communication and computing have been so much easier for individuals who are always running around engaged in their personal businesses. Right now, there isn't anything left to perfect except the capacity to provide a quick response.

The brilliant minds of today are concentrating in collaborating technology with the human body or to be more specific, the human DNA.

DNA Bullets

Another great shift for the forensics team will be the invention of the DNA bullets. In crime scenes, the remains of the victim and the potential criminal are picked up no matter how little evidence they can get. But now, with the DNA bullets, just fire one of these and detectives would know who and how the event transpired at the place where the DNA bullet is shot. The DNA injected into these bullets is artificial so lawsuits are avoided.

DNA Pairing

We’ve waited for our first and last romance that can’t seem to find their way to our lives. Now this is the sure way of finding your one true love using scientific knowledge. The traditional way of dating has always been dependent on the social compatibility of the two persons during their first date. However, there is another aspect still to consider in discovering your perfect match and that is called biological compatibility. According to studies, in order for two people to possess a happy and fulfilling relationship, these two factors should be accommodated. This biological compatibility pertains to the genetic composition of each individual and how their DNA's suit each other.

Some Other DNA Test

Once again, this advancement that is all too related to people’s death is a DNA test that can restore a part of the identity of people who have died and started decomposing. It was first experimented on the remains of General Wladyslaw Sikorski's tooth. With only their teeth and bones as their bases for the test, they were able to find out the hair and eye colors of the dead from long gone. I can’t seem to find the importance of knowing these two characteristics can be a huge help for solving historical mysteries. However, this test will be most helpful if it will be used for identifying the victims or suspects in recent murder trials.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see if there is an app that centers on the human DNA as well that you can easily install in your Android or iOS device. Anything is possible, right?

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