Thursday, February 6, 2014

i-Flashdrive: Sharing is Now Possible Between iOS and Android Devices, But is it Worth it?

iFlashdrive for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices
As we live in this world where almost anything seems instant, we get to do the usual things now in just a fraction of time. And that’s with the help of our tactics and of course, through our smarty gadgets. Plus, it’s also worth mentioning that in this technological era, sharing has become a virtue. Whatever we find interesting—or perhaps worth ranting for—be it an article, pictures, music, a video, and the like, we can socially share what we’ve found that can evoke feelings from the masses as long as we are geared up with all our techie gadgets and the internet. But as we all know, there is what we call diversity on our devices. Yes, we can share almost anything to our close circle and also around the globe, but having devices that are incompatible can make one go to great lengths just to share those fascinating stuff—defying what seems to be the instant world there is.

And yes, I’m dropping the names Apple and Android of all devices, fair enough to be the exemplars as they are the big boys of the mobile industry. We all know how diverse they are. Let alone file sharing between them was made impossible without the help of third parties—a Bluetooth technology and simple USB data cable just won’t do. Now, you’ve got to choose between these almost pristine devices, and weigh vigilantly what’s at stake if ever you’re choosing the other. If you’re a fan of Android, then there are ways to actually share a simple file to Apple devices as it is open source. But if you’re an Apple fan, your friends would likely be trimmed to iDevice users only. And you can just blurt out, “Oh, the conundrum!”

But when you thought your choices starts dwindling, here I found a device that could be the answer for all file sharing dilemmas between these devices. And it’s no other than the i-FlashDrive HD that comes actually in three models: 16 GB, 32 GB, and lastly, 64 GB. Before, the makers of this pretty neat device had it only functioned as a medium to transfer data from iPhone to the accessory, which then can be transferred to your personal computer. It actually holds data. Basically, it’s just your alternative whenever your cable isn’t with you but with a storage function. It’s actually pretty smart since it patches up the lack of iOS devices with regards to having their storage capacity extended.

But this time around, they got it more useful. Going back to the file transferring dilemma between Android and iOS devices, i-Flashdrive now can allow these two gizmos to connect, transfer data, and pretty much solve all the sharing predicaments between these devices. From an original i-Flashdrive used to transfer data from iPhone to a computer, and now to a whole new i-Flashdrive with a swapped USB for a micro USB end to match that of Android devices’ port. What do I have to say? Welcome back to the instant world! But here’s the catch: Although it is a very useful device, it also comes with a price. Are you ready to take the ouchies? The 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB versions retail for $170, $230, and $330 respectively. So much for an instant file transfer, huh?

If you can still splurge a pretty penny for this device, then I hope you find your way to convenience. Well, giving it the benefit of the doubt, having the data stored on the drive itself can be chalked up to positive side. But, will you buy it especially now that there are already apps—not to mention free apps—that can get the work done if you’re just sharing for a small sized file? 

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