Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best Apps for Android: Comics Edition

If you are a sucker for comics, then you’ve probably got your room covered with all the comic books one could name—shout out to all the nerds out there. (Ehem) I do love reading comics, too! Every page turned just gives the almost unbeatable satisfaction until you finally flip the last page. Wait, does the fun stops there? I do hope not. But, what if we can read comics a little less handful? If there’s one thing that can do so much, then that’s your self-luminous rectangular gadgets we call smartphones and tablets.

You can actually fill it with all kinds of apps to your liking, so long as the apps are compatible to your phone, though. Nonetheless, since this article is about the best comics apps, you are going to witness the best comic Android apps I could feature, evidently. And so, let’s cut to the chase and have a spin with the list below:

 #1: Rage Comics App
If you have loved the internet memes, then you’re going to love this Rage Comics app as well. Although it’s a self-acknowledgement on their part that this app is the best Rage Comics reader, you can actually get hooked with it, and it even guarantees that if you didn’t like it, they will refund your time! I’m not actually sure how will they do that, but you’re going to love the interface since the folks behind this app have removed the two most painful part of reading comics: dragging and zooming. How do they do that, you ask? Well, they are using advanced computer vision techniques to identify each panel in the comic, and the app then shows each panel one at a time. Moreover, it also features auto-magic cropping, access to the latest comics on reddit, saving and reading comics to read offline, and share them with your close circle via email, mms, Twitter, and Facebook. [Free on Android]

 #2: Marvel Comics App
Are you a certified fan of Marvel comics? Then I don’t see why you shouldn’t get this Marvel Comics app on your Android device. Get updated on what your favorite super heroes are up to in just a few taps, and you’ll likely say that it’s a marvelous comics app indeed. It’s definitely worth the download if you’re into marvel. As it also features access to over 3500 comics (world’s most popular super heroes included), Free comics for downloads that get updates weekly, and customizable reading experience for your convenience, and so much more. [Free on Android]

 #3: Daily Funny App
Do you want to start your day with a contagious bliss? A daily dose of laughable would surely get you going! And so, I would suggest tickling all your funny bones with Daily Funny App. A smartphone’s battery needs to be replenished with the use of portable chargers, so as a human being that gets drained at the end of the day. Stream and laugh your heart out on the funniest pictures you could find on this app. To give you heads-up, there are funny pics, cute animals, funny auto correct, lol pics, funny fun facts, quotes, epic fail, and the list goes on. You can even get to share it with your close circle. What a fun Android comic app indeed. As we all know, laughing is the best medicine, so might as well knock yourself out with all the hilarious things this app offers! [Free on Android]

You’ll definitely love tapping away on your phone’s screen with these apps. Gotta have ‘em; gotta love ‘em!

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