Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tips and Tricks on iOS 7’s iMessage

Ever since the revamp of the platform iOS, iMessage has been one of the apps that are frequently used. For all iPhone users, who wouldn’t? The whole pack of iOS 7 has staggering features; iMessage has something to boast on its own, too… if you can still remember the iMessage prank.

iMessage helps iPhone users to slash the cell phone bill, plus it has an inclusion of a number of features that can’t be found anywhere else on a regular text messaging app. Connected on the internet, you can expressed all you need to say to your close circle or loved ones in just a few taps away—regardless of the distance. Evidently, this is one of the apps that iPhone users relish their selves into because of the free service it offers.

With the update of this app, there might be some tips and tricks that you haven’t heard of yet. The update isn’' there for nothing, so might as well enjoy all the crowd-pulling features it now includes. And so, without further ado, here are the tips and tricks on iOS 7’s iMessage in order for you to enjoy every tap with the app:

 #1: Getting to the top of the conversation with just a tap.
How do you usually get to the top of the conversation if in case you want to reread a message? You basically scroll up. Or some people might prefer keying in the keywords they remember on the message. If you have an eidetic memory, that’ll be great! But for some who haven’t paid much attention on details, scrolling through their smartphones would definitely be their first and last resort. And if the conversation thread seems endless, then all good lucks to them. All thanks to the revamped iMessage, you can now go bop to the top by just tapping on the center top of the screen where the clock is displayed. Bopping to the top it is.

#2: Getting more details

If you are keen enough to notice, then you've probably seen that details like time stamps are normally displayed selectively only on few messages that are sent and received. Time stamps, actually, are hidden in order to prevent clutter. But, if you really want to have the details displayed, then you may do so by swiping your finger from the right edge towards the center, and say hello to time stamps. That should do the trick.

#3: A faster copying and pasting

Say like, you are supposed to cascade a message to your close circle. Definitely, you’re going to send it to them. Copy-paste—what are your words? It will suffice if you are only going to send it to no more than three people, but what about blowing the number to 20? Hold it right there before you even blow, because iMessage has already pricked the bubble for you. So, rather than going through the pain of copying and pasting, you can just tap and hold the particular message inside a thread, tap more as menu options pops up, tap on the arrow that shows on the lower right of the screen, and then forward it to people you intend to. It’s just as simple as that.

These are just but a few hacks you can do to your iMessage app. You might not know that the simplest things are just the right ones you really need.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Technology and the Human DNA

 Technology is a huge subject to tackle on. It is composed of various areas of human pursuits such as communication and improved living conditions. For the last few years, the geniuses of the world have focused their brain neurons into stabilizing the communication facet which is invariably important if we are to continue living in a harmonious planet.

We’ve seen how powerful the human mind turn out to be as exhibited by the remarkable innovations especially now that we've jump a few more stones forward with wearable technology.
Communication and computing have been so much easier for individuals who are always running around engaged in their personal businesses. Right now, there isn't anything left to perfect except the capacity to provide a quick response.

The brilliant minds of today are concentrating in collaborating technology with the human body or to be more specific, the human DNA.

DNA Bullets

Another great shift for the forensics team will be the invention of the DNA bullets. In crime scenes, the remains of the victim and the potential criminal are picked up no matter how little evidence they can get. But now, with the DNA bullets, just fire one of these and detectives would know who and how the event transpired at the place where the DNA bullet is shot. The DNA injected into these bullets is artificial so lawsuits are avoided.

DNA Pairing

We’ve waited for our first and last romance that can’t seem to find their way to our lives. Now this is the sure way of finding your one true love using scientific knowledge. The traditional way of dating has always been dependent on the social compatibility of the two persons during their first date. However, there is another aspect still to consider in discovering your perfect match and that is called biological compatibility. According to studies, in order for two people to possess a happy and fulfilling relationship, these two factors should be accommodated. This biological compatibility pertains to the genetic composition of each individual and how their DNA's suit each other.

Some Other DNA Test

Once again, this advancement that is all too related to people’s death is a DNA test that can restore a part of the identity of people who have died and started decomposing. It was first experimented on the remains of General Wladyslaw Sikorski's tooth. With only their teeth and bones as their bases for the test, they were able to find out the hair and eye colors of the dead from long gone. I can’t seem to find the importance of knowing these two characteristics can be a huge help for solving historical mysteries. However, this test will be most helpful if it will be used for identifying the victims or suspects in recent murder trials.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see if there is an app that centers on the human DNA as well that you can easily install in your Android or iOS device. Anything is possible, right?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best Apps for Android: Comics Edition

If you are a sucker for comics, then you’ve probably got your room covered with all the comic books one could name—shout out to all the nerds out there. (Ehem) I do love reading comics, too! Every page turned just gives the almost unbeatable satisfaction until you finally flip the last page. Wait, does the fun stops there? I do hope not. But, what if we can read comics a little less handful? If there’s one thing that can do so much, then that’s your self-luminous rectangular gadgets we call smartphones and tablets.

You can actually fill it with all kinds of apps to your liking, so long as the apps are compatible to your phone, though. Nonetheless, since this article is about the best comics apps, you are going to witness the best comic Android apps I could feature, evidently. And so, let’s cut to the chase and have a spin with the list below:

 #1: Rage Comics App
If you have loved the internet memes, then you’re going to love this Rage Comics app as well. Although it’s a self-acknowledgement on their part that this app is the best Rage Comics reader, you can actually get hooked with it, and it even guarantees that if you didn’t like it, they will refund your time! I’m not actually sure how will they do that, but you’re going to love the interface since the folks behind this app have removed the two most painful part of reading comics: dragging and zooming. How do they do that, you ask? Well, they are using advanced computer vision techniques to identify each panel in the comic, and the app then shows each panel one at a time. Moreover, it also features auto-magic cropping, access to the latest comics on reddit, saving and reading comics to read offline, and share them with your close circle via email, mms, Twitter, and Facebook. [Free on Android]

 #2: Marvel Comics App
Are you a certified fan of Marvel comics? Then I don’t see why you shouldn’t get this Marvel Comics app on your Android device. Get updated on what your favorite super heroes are up to in just a few taps, and you’ll likely say that it’s a marvelous comics app indeed. It’s definitely worth the download if you’re into marvel. As it also features access to over 3500 comics (world’s most popular super heroes included), Free comics for downloads that get updates weekly, and customizable reading experience for your convenience, and so much more. [Free on Android]

 #3: Daily Funny App
Do you want to start your day with a contagious bliss? A daily dose of laughable would surely get you going! And so, I would suggest tickling all your funny bones with Daily Funny App. A smartphone’s battery needs to be replenished with the use of portable chargers, so as a human being that gets drained at the end of the day. Stream and laugh your heart out on the funniest pictures you could find on this app. To give you heads-up, there are funny pics, cute animals, funny auto correct, lol pics, funny fun facts, quotes, epic fail, and the list goes on. You can even get to share it with your close circle. What a fun Android comic app indeed. As we all know, laughing is the best medicine, so might as well knock yourself out with all the hilarious things this app offers! [Free on Android]

You’ll definitely love tapping away on your phone’s screen with these apps. Gotta have ‘em; gotta love ‘em!

Friday, February 14, 2014

To Forego the Advancement of Smartphones or Not?

Hearing the word technology, what are your words? You would probably say that its advancement is almost always at a neck-breaking speed. It sure is blazingly fast as we can connect to people in just a few simple taps, swipes, and toggles; this is the world where almost anything seems reachable within the fingertips.

Smartphones have long been our best companions. Looking back when phones were still called feature phones, you can pretty much notice how the innovation has succeeded on helping us get through with our everyday activities as features are being added. It seems like the best smartphones of today can already wrap up our life on this self-luminous rectangular device.

While most of us ogle about the flagships and all the high-end phones one could mention, there are always—I repeat—always reasons to go back to basics. When everyone thought that the alleged “dumb phones” can do no good nowadays, it’s probably best for us to think again. And so, enlisted below are the reasons why it’s important for one to look back and go back to basics:

#1: The Almost Forgotten Clicks
Ever since the release of touchscreen devices led by Apple Inc. with their iPhone, almost all the buttons from phones have already begun to descent into the realm of the forgotten—leaving only a few buttons responsible for home, lock, volume, and you’re lucky enough if your phone has a dedicated button for the camera. The smartphone warfare nowadays circles to a wider, more responsive screen, and with better display. But, do you not miss the times when you can type your words out even without looking on your screen? When you could hear every click of the button without worrying you might mistype a word?

#2: Battery Life. Just Battery Life
Admittedly, the low-end phones are simpler. And understandably, eat up less battery juice than the tiptop phones existing—which cost a fortune more often than not, by the way. You can go through in a day without having to worry about your phone dying. Make a call, exchange messages with your close circle, or play the games it showcases non-stop; you’ll be confident that at the end of the day, you won’t have to tear your house apart to look for a portable charger.

#3: Bridging up Generation to Generation
We all know that youngsters and oldster develop digital divide more often than not. That’s because most of the old folks are used to living without gadgets and are simply satisfied with what they have. After all, most smartphones of today already have complex menus, requiring one to spend time mastering every bit and piece of the device in order to fully access it. With a low-end and simpler phone, the elderly won’t have to deal with unnecessary features of advanced phones. Moreover, low-end phones are inarguably cheaper, so keeping in touch from generation to generation will likely be with ease and effectiveness.

Technological advancement always had great things to offer. But, it pays to go back to basics always to keep everything simpler yet greater for the common good. So, what do you think? Would you forego the advancement of smartphones or not?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

i-Flashdrive: Sharing is Now Possible Between iOS and Android Devices, But is it Worth it?

iFlashdrive for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices
As we live in this world where almost anything seems instant, we get to do the usual things now in just a fraction of time. And that’s with the help of our tactics and of course, through our smarty gadgets. Plus, it’s also worth mentioning that in this technological era, sharing has become a virtue. Whatever we find interesting—or perhaps worth ranting for—be it an article, pictures, music, a video, and the like, we can socially share what we’ve found that can evoke feelings from the masses as long as we are geared up with all our techie gadgets and the internet. But as we all know, there is what we call diversity on our devices. Yes, we can share almost anything to our close circle and also around the globe, but having devices that are incompatible can make one go to great lengths just to share those fascinating stuff—defying what seems to be the instant world there is.

And yes, I’m dropping the names Apple and Android of all devices, fair enough to be the exemplars as they are the big boys of the mobile industry. We all know how diverse they are. Let alone file sharing between them was made impossible without the help of third parties—a Bluetooth technology and simple USB data cable just won’t do. Now, you’ve got to choose between these almost pristine devices, and weigh vigilantly what’s at stake if ever you’re choosing the other. If you’re a fan of Android, then there are ways to actually share a simple file to Apple devices as it is open source. But if you’re an Apple fan, your friends would likely be trimmed to iDevice users only. And you can just blurt out, “Oh, the conundrum!”

But when you thought your choices starts dwindling, here I found a device that could be the answer for all file sharing dilemmas between these devices. And it’s no other than the i-FlashDrive HD that comes actually in three models: 16 GB, 32 GB, and lastly, 64 GB. Before, the makers of this pretty neat device had it only functioned as a medium to transfer data from iPhone to the accessory, which then can be transferred to your personal computer. It actually holds data. Basically, it’s just your alternative whenever your cable isn’t with you but with a storage function. It’s actually pretty smart since it patches up the lack of iOS devices with regards to having their storage capacity extended.

But this time around, they got it more useful. Going back to the file transferring dilemma between Android and iOS devices, i-Flashdrive now can allow these two gizmos to connect, transfer data, and pretty much solve all the sharing predicaments between these devices. From an original i-Flashdrive used to transfer data from iPhone to a computer, and now to a whole new i-Flashdrive with a swapped USB for a micro USB end to match that of Android devices’ port. What do I have to say? Welcome back to the instant world! But here’s the catch: Although it is a very useful device, it also comes with a price. Are you ready to take the ouchies? The 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB versions retail for $170, $230, and $330 respectively. So much for an instant file transfer, huh?

If you can still splurge a pretty penny for this device, then I hope you find your way to convenience. Well, giving it the benefit of the doubt, having the data stored on the drive itself can be chalked up to positive side. But, will you buy it especially now that there are already apps—not to mention free apps—that can get the work done if you’re just sharing for a small sized file?