Monday, January 6, 2014

What is Your New Year’s Resolution? These Techs Might Help

The New Year has finally unrolled. We have finally and totally let go of all the strongholds from 2013—or have we? New Year doesn't just mean that it's simply the start of the year, but it also means that this is a fresh start and a clean slate for you—to begin again; to start the year right. Where am I leading you with this? Well, there may be things you've done with the previous year that you aren't that proud of—I, for one, am absolutely guilty. But as the trite says, “Change is the only constant thing.” I can change, and so can you. So, pull out your New Year's Resolution list and keep jotting down all the things you still want to deal with. Let the latest gadgets of today help and lead you to your breakthrough.

#1: Evernote

First off, you must enlist everything you need before you push yourself full-throttle this 2014. Enlist every detail you need to change or enhance about yourself in order to get the best of the year—and this is where Evernote app gets helpful. Nothing beats starting your year well organized in order for you to not leave anything important behind so as to target the goals you are aiming. Taking down notes of everything you don't want to forget would definitely make the Evernote your best companion. With Evernote, you can feel more fulfilled as you can save all the ideas popping from your head in a jiffy, be it notes, pictures, videos, voice notes, and the list goes on. Organize your thoughts and start the year! [Free on iOS and Android]

#2: Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Alright, we have had enough sumptuous meals last Christmas season and this New Year. I guess it's definitely time to trim down those unwanted, extra pounds; it's time to get fit! Rather than scrambling your way to the gym—which, by the way, is absolutely crowded by now—you can be smart enough to wear this so-called wearable tech, Adidas miCoach Smart Run. This smart piece actually delivers an advanced, intuitive blend of performance data in order for its users to maximize training. It features a strapless continuous heart rate, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, WLAN, color touch screen, and a wireless music player to get you always hyped up. Evident in its name, it can absolutely be your coach as you tire your legs out every time you lace up your shoes. You're going to need some wireless headset though, in order for you to have audible coaching. [£350]

#3: Toshl

You sure have had a blast before you ended 2013, but do you still remember where your entire bonus went? Stop thinking of sniffing the foil of your roasted turkey, and know your finances with Toshl app. With this app, you can now save money and worry less as it lets you track your incomings and outgoings. Now, you will be aware of your expenditures, and you can think of a better way to slash your bills as everything is logged. You need not worry either on spending a penny with this app as it is also absolutely free. Make your paycheck last longer, and have this app now. [Free on iOS and Android]

Technology can simplify and maximize our lives. Remember, how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

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