Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update for the Best Smartphone Accessories

If in this digital age almost anyone couldn't live with their smartphones, then I bet they couldn't live also without the mobile phone accessories bundled up—or bought separately—with their smartphones. After all, add-ons like these really do help our smarty handsets to live up to their full potential—not just with the lifeblood we call software applications.

One way or another, we are going to need an enhancement regarding our phones' specs and hardware. You may already have the accessories you need—or at least you think—but there are some accessories that are also worth the splurge.

Some may resort to buying cheap mobile accessories due to practicality. “They do what they have to do, so why should we spend a pretty penny for another?” they attest. Well, point taken, but if you're a person who do not want to put your life at risk knowing that some of the accessories may be faulty, then buying a replica of such would definitely be out of the list.

Now, if you think of getting new mobile phone accessories where you will be assured of its quality and functionality, then you might want to start with the list below that you may be interested in:

#1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Wireless Charging Cover

So, you're a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner? Well then, check out this new accessory from Samsung that goes with your beloved phablet. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Wireless Charging Cover is everything you'd expect it to be on the name alone. Yet this time around, the regular S-View Flip Cover has now a small window on the front flip in order for its user to check the phone's status and notifications, access Action Menu, accept or reject incoming calls, check incoming messages, and control music. But best of all, the rear of the flip case replaces your phone's standard back shell and juices up your phones battery all the way as it gives your phone protection. It doesn't come cheap as it retails for £54.99, but it's definitely ideal for people who don't want their phones to run out of juice.

#2: AQ Smartspeaker A1

What else would you pair with smartphones than having a smart accessory? And so, hear out the smarty AQ Smartspeaker A1. This ingenious, portable speaker—with the aid of Apple's AirPlay and Wi-Fi Direct tech—can actually turn your smartphones into a powerful stereo. Also, it is a versatile speaker in which it could be paired not just with iDevices, but also with Android devices and Windows Phones, too. Moreover, it can double up as well as PC speakers. Apparently, it doesn't come cheap either as it costs £159.95.

#3: Brunswick England iPhone 5s wallet

You got there a flagship of iPhone? You'll be glad of what this Brunswick England iPhone 5S wallet offers. It provides a snug fit to your phone as it keeps it fully protected without compromising the style. It doesn't just offer all-around protection, but the leather feel offers luxury and even quality. It also has an inclusion of magnetic and elasticated pull-tab system in order for you to have easy access with your pristine iPhone 5s. Its price retails for only £44.95.

Did anything from the list above grab your attention? Then why don't you gear your phone up with these awesome accessories that could give you more than you wish?

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