Monday, January 13, 2014

The Indestructible Nokia 3310’s Rebirth

Snakes II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi—do you not miss your old Nokia brick phone packed with these games we—admit it—found awesome back in the days? Nokia 3310 has actually been one of the sturdiest phones there is, which I personally witnessed with every drop I had with my old, trusty Nokia 3310—the good ol' days.

Today's young generation might not remember the Nokia 3310 phone from days gone by, but I bet there are some readers who will—like I fondly do. Although it's likely unfortunate that they won't ever get a chance to know about the once largest mobile phone company that dominated the world in the beginning of the 21st century, this brick phone we had has something to be missed. It was a simpler time. There were no app stores to which we relish ourselves now in this digital age. You don't have to buy another back case to protect your phone from back scuffs and whatnot, since Nokia is already indestructible enough. Forgive me for being a bit nostalgic, but I just missed the times when you can dress your Nokia 3310 with special cases, when you don't have to worry that your battery will run out of juice, when repairing your phone is easy, and when you could read the screen even in direct sunlight. Those were the days.

And just recently, the former employees of Nokia had its spirit reincarnated in the Jolla smartphone. It seems like an interesting device knowing that it came from the great folks behind Nokia. But, wouldn't it be better if people could actually reincarnate the pride of Nokia that is Nokia 3310? Yes, it is! And actually, someone had already conceptualized it. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Bob Freking, one of the most well-known and prolific concept designers, Nokia 3310 can now be reincarnated to the form of Nokia Lumia 3310. You can watch the video to witness his brilliant creativity.

The specs of this concept phone is imagined to sport the new Nvidia Tegra K1 chip, a 5-inch Full HD display, and packed with a whopping 23-megapixel and an 8-megapixel Pureview shooter at the back and front respectively. Moreover, it is also equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, NFC tech, wireless charging, and is running the latest Windows Phone OS. And going back to what we really missed in the first place, Nokia Lumia 3310 offers an updated Snake game that now in this concept is named as Snake Impact 4D.

And of course, what made the original Nokia 3310 a game changer at the beginning of 21st century is its sturdiness. So, expect that this concept phone is designed durably enough to imitate the indestructible brick phone it is inspired of. Witness how the back of this handheld device heals itself from dings and scuffs, and see how a "dumbphone becomes smart," as said by Freking. Furthermore, it is described by Freking as the "return of the world's best phone."

So, what do you say about the return of the world's best phone now?

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