Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year Brings New Apps for Your Phones and Tablets

We finally bade goodbye to 2013 and greeted 2014 hello at last. And we can't deny the fact that in the previous year we had a blast. There is so much that had happened, and so much to remember. But the best years aren't behind us, so let's see what the year 2014 is in store for us.

In this digital age, technology is undeniably all about change. It always begs the question: should we have an upgrade or not? Eventually, we succumb to the advancement as it becomes necessary for us to embrace the constant changing world. As we welcome these changes, we begin to discover the things we thought we didn't need.

Take for example, the newly developed apps. Some might say that these apps are nothing but a bunch of baloney. They offer nothing but a space-eater and battery drainer on our phones—we don't actually need them. But, why don't you give these apps a try? Perhaps after trying them, you might think that they are actually more than meets the eye. And so, let's hit the list of the cool apps this New Year brings for your smartphones and tablets:

#1: Motion Math: Pizza

Who loves pizza? Raise your hands! Everyone might have probably raised their hands and feet.  Now, who loves math? Raise your hands! Only a few might raise their hands, and a lot of people might rather raise their eyebrows. Who's guilty? The kids—you might probably holler. If you want your kids to love math, then Motion Math: Pizza app will most likely help your kiddos to love the math and pizza more! It actually helps children to learn math by applying it to real life situations. In this way, your kids will find math superb rather than extremely boring. [$3.99 on iOS]

#2: iTube: Free

Have you always been miffed about the idea that you can never use your phone normally when you are playing a video straight from YouTube? Well, I do. But, thanks to iTube: Free app, you can now be more productive while listening to YouTube as it lets you manage your music without having to download tracks. It saves your phone's space and your time. Moreover, it lets you create a playlist straight from YouTube, and also lets you search for the lyrics of your favorite songs. This is quite handy indeed. [Free on iOS]

#3: Ten

Have you ever loved the timeless game Tic-Tac-Toe? I bet you will love it more as Sennep created an app that made Tic-Tac-Toe a lot more fun and exciting more than you can imagine! Introducing… the Ten app! It basically is a multi-player board game for iOS that lets you compete online and offline against other people—or you could actually do it alone to give those brain cells a workout. It also lets you choose from its unique generative melodies and themes. What's not to like? [Free on iOS]

So, I say give these apps a try! If nothing in it grabs you, then you always have a choice of uninstalling.

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