Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Offers Another Wave of Smartwatches

Have you been squinting on the list of wearable techs, yet nothing seems to catch your attention? You need not worry, since that is something reasonable. Why, you ask? First off, they all look the same. It's like, “you've seen one, and then you know you've seen the rest of them.” There is hardly a nuance with the smartwatches that have been launched. Yes, they may be improved aesthetically, but then again, what are their practical uses?

Before we bade farewell to 2013, it introduced us to this wearable tech that claims to be a smarty timepiece wherein it displays notifications apart from telling time, yet is mostly associated with a smartphone in order to live up to its potential—not to mention when talking about battery life, some of them don't even last a day. Admit it or not, most of us weren't actually impressed with the launches of the big boys of mobile industry. But, hey. That was the previous year. Perhaps the year 2014 has now something better to offer on the table. And so, enlisted below are the smartwatches that may change your outlook. Perhaps this time around, they can be more useful, and we can be less skeptical:

#1: Pebble Steel

You've probably heard of the Pebble already, and you've probably uttered that “it's okay, but still don't do too much for me.” Again, you are not alone. And so, 2014 offers you a better Pebble with the name of Pebble Steel. What's with the name, you ask? Well, this time, Pebble managed to ditch the plastic look and feel and turned it to a stainless steel chassis. Also, the straps are replaceable so you could choose from leather or metal link strap to your liking. Apparently, it still needs to be associated with smartphones. It still offers you some features wherein you can read text messages, see who's calling you, and control your phone's music from your wrist. But, wearing this aesthetically pleasing tech, I bet you can give it a shot. [Goes on Sale on 29th of January for $249]

#2: Magellan Echo

Do you want to have a smartwatch, yet don't want to be looking geeky? Then, Magellan Echo can suffice your sporty spirit. So, if you are into sports and fitness, you can expect this timepiece to be smart enough to measure your steps, your distance, your speed, and time elapsed. But if you also have the chest trap that usually goes with it, you can now include heart rate metrics on the list. All the information it gathered will then be sent to your phone via Bluetooth, and then it will link up with your fitness app of choice, be it Runtastic, Strava, RunKeeper, and the list goes on. Be mindful that this smartwatch is only compatible with iOS devices. Nevertheless, not too long from now, it will also track other sporty activities such as playing golf, skiing, hiking, and the like. And also, you can customize the buttons on this watch, so that you can control all sorts of functions to your convenience. [$149, or $199 if you'll include the heart rate monitor]

#3: Razer Nabu

Oh, you think it's another sporty smartwatch that only offers activity trackers? Well, think again. Because this Razer Nabu timepiece has a little more tricks up its sleeve. So, it will measure your running, and help you meet your goals with regards to sports and fitness, yet this timepiece offers you a dual screen—one more of a public one on top of your wrist, and another more private on the other side where alerts and notifications are displayed. Moreover, it is gesture-sensitive so, you can program all sorts of functions to trigger at just a flick of your wrist.

Do you think these wearable techs have now their relevant purposes? Then, grab and wear them now!

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