Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update for the Best Smartphone Accessories

If in this digital age almost anyone couldn't live with their smartphones, then I bet they couldn't live also without the mobile phone accessories bundled up—or bought separately—with their smartphones. After all, add-ons like these really do help our smarty handsets to live up to their full potential—not just with the lifeblood we call software applications.

One way or another, we are going to need an enhancement regarding our phones' specs and hardware. You may already have the accessories you need—or at least you think—but there are some accessories that are also worth the splurge.

Some may resort to buying cheap mobile accessories due to practicality. “They do what they have to do, so why should we spend a pretty penny for another?” they attest. Well, point taken, but if you're a person who do not want to put your life at risk knowing that some of the accessories may be faulty, then buying a replica of such would definitely be out of the list.

Now, if you think of getting new mobile phone accessories where you will be assured of its quality and functionality, then you might want to start with the list below that you may be interested in:

#1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Wireless Charging Cover

So, you're a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner? Well then, check out this new accessory from Samsung that goes with your beloved phablet. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Wireless Charging Cover is everything you'd expect it to be on the name alone. Yet this time around, the regular S-View Flip Cover has now a small window on the front flip in order for its user to check the phone's status and notifications, access Action Menu, accept or reject incoming calls, check incoming messages, and control music. But best of all, the rear of the flip case replaces your phone's standard back shell and juices up your phones battery all the way as it gives your phone protection. It doesn't come cheap as it retails for £54.99, but it's definitely ideal for people who don't want their phones to run out of juice.

#2: AQ Smartspeaker A1

What else would you pair with smartphones than having a smart accessory? And so, hear out the smarty AQ Smartspeaker A1. This ingenious, portable speaker—with the aid of Apple's AirPlay and Wi-Fi Direct tech—can actually turn your smartphones into a powerful stereo. Also, it is a versatile speaker in which it could be paired not just with iDevices, but also with Android devices and Windows Phones, too. Moreover, it can double up as well as PC speakers. Apparently, it doesn't come cheap either as it costs £159.95.

#3: Brunswick England iPhone 5s wallet

You got there a flagship of iPhone? You'll be glad of what this Brunswick England iPhone 5S wallet offers. It provides a snug fit to your phone as it keeps it fully protected without compromising the style. It doesn't just offer all-around protection, but the leather feel offers luxury and even quality. It also has an inclusion of magnetic and elasticated pull-tab system in order for you to have easy access with your pristine iPhone 5s. Its price retails for only £44.95.

Did anything from the list above grab your attention? Then why don't you gear your phone up with these awesome accessories that could give you more than you wish?

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Offers Another Wave of Smartwatches

Have you been squinting on the list of wearable techs, yet nothing seems to catch your attention? You need not worry, since that is something reasonable. Why, you ask? First off, they all look the same. It's like, “you've seen one, and then you know you've seen the rest of them.” There is hardly a nuance with the smartwatches that have been launched. Yes, they may be improved aesthetically, but then again, what are their practical uses?

Before we bade farewell to 2013, it introduced us to this wearable tech that claims to be a smarty timepiece wherein it displays notifications apart from telling time, yet is mostly associated with a smartphone in order to live up to its potential—not to mention when talking about battery life, some of them don't even last a day. Admit it or not, most of us weren't actually impressed with the launches of the big boys of mobile industry. But, hey. That was the previous year. Perhaps the year 2014 has now something better to offer on the table. And so, enlisted below are the smartwatches that may change your outlook. Perhaps this time around, they can be more useful, and we can be less skeptical:

#1: Pebble Steel

You've probably heard of the Pebble already, and you've probably uttered that “it's okay, but still don't do too much for me.” Again, you are not alone. And so, 2014 offers you a better Pebble with the name of Pebble Steel. What's with the name, you ask? Well, this time, Pebble managed to ditch the plastic look and feel and turned it to a stainless steel chassis. Also, the straps are replaceable so you could choose from leather or metal link strap to your liking. Apparently, it still needs to be associated with smartphones. It still offers you some features wherein you can read text messages, see who's calling you, and control your phone's music from your wrist. But, wearing this aesthetically pleasing tech, I bet you can give it a shot. [Goes on Sale on 29th of January for $249]

#2: Magellan Echo

Do you want to have a smartwatch, yet don't want to be looking geeky? Then, Magellan Echo can suffice your sporty spirit. So, if you are into sports and fitness, you can expect this timepiece to be smart enough to measure your steps, your distance, your speed, and time elapsed. But if you also have the chest trap that usually goes with it, you can now include heart rate metrics on the list. All the information it gathered will then be sent to your phone via Bluetooth, and then it will link up with your fitness app of choice, be it Runtastic, Strava, RunKeeper, and the list goes on. Be mindful that this smartwatch is only compatible with iOS devices. Nevertheless, not too long from now, it will also track other sporty activities such as playing golf, skiing, hiking, and the like. And also, you can customize the buttons on this watch, so that you can control all sorts of functions to your convenience. [$149, or $199 if you'll include the heart rate monitor]

#3: Razer Nabu

Oh, you think it's another sporty smartwatch that only offers activity trackers? Well, think again. Because this Razer Nabu timepiece has a little more tricks up its sleeve. So, it will measure your running, and help you meet your goals with regards to sports and fitness, yet this timepiece offers you a dual screen—one more of a public one on top of your wrist, and another more private on the other side where alerts and notifications are displayed. Moreover, it is gesture-sensitive so, you can program all sorts of functions to trigger at just a flick of your wrist.

Do you think these wearable techs have now their relevant purposes? Then, grab and wear them now!

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year Brings New Apps for Your Phones and Tablets

We finally bade goodbye to 2013 and greeted 2014 hello at last. And we can't deny the fact that in the previous year we had a blast. There is so much that had happened, and so much to remember. But the best years aren't behind us, so let's see what the year 2014 is in store for us.

In this digital age, technology is undeniably all about change. It always begs the question: should we have an upgrade or not? Eventually, we succumb to the advancement as it becomes necessary for us to embrace the constant changing world. As we welcome these changes, we begin to discover the things we thought we didn't need.

Take for example, the newly developed apps. Some might say that these apps are nothing but a bunch of baloney. They offer nothing but a space-eater and battery drainer on our phones—we don't actually need them. But, why don't you give these apps a try? Perhaps after trying them, you might think that they are actually more than meets the eye. And so, let's hit the list of the cool apps this New Year brings for your smartphones and tablets:

#1: Motion Math: Pizza

Who loves pizza? Raise your hands! Everyone might have probably raised their hands and feet.  Now, who loves math? Raise your hands! Only a few might raise their hands, and a lot of people might rather raise their eyebrows. Who's guilty? The kids—you might probably holler. If you want your kids to love math, then Motion Math: Pizza app will most likely help your kiddos to love the math and pizza more! It actually helps children to learn math by applying it to real life situations. In this way, your kids will find math superb rather than extremely boring. [$3.99 on iOS]

#2: iTube: Free

Have you always been miffed about the idea that you can never use your phone normally when you are playing a video straight from YouTube? Well, I do. But, thanks to iTube: Free app, you can now be more productive while listening to YouTube as it lets you manage your music without having to download tracks. It saves your phone's space and your time. Moreover, it lets you create a playlist straight from YouTube, and also lets you search for the lyrics of your favorite songs. This is quite handy indeed. [Free on iOS]

#3: Ten

Have you ever loved the timeless game Tic-Tac-Toe? I bet you will love it more as Sennep created an app that made Tic-Tac-Toe a lot more fun and exciting more than you can imagine! Introducing… the Ten app! It basically is a multi-player board game for iOS that lets you compete online and offline against other people—or you could actually do it alone to give those brain cells a workout. It also lets you choose from its unique generative melodies and themes. What's not to like? [Free on iOS]

So, I say give these apps a try! If nothing in it grabs you, then you always have a choice of uninstalling.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Indestructible Nokia 3310’s Rebirth

Snakes II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi—do you not miss your old Nokia brick phone packed with these games we—admit it—found awesome back in the days? Nokia 3310 has actually been one of the sturdiest phones there is, which I personally witnessed with every drop I had with my old, trusty Nokia 3310—the good ol' days.

Today's young generation might not remember the Nokia 3310 phone from days gone by, but I bet there are some readers who will—like I fondly do. Although it's likely unfortunate that they won't ever get a chance to know about the once largest mobile phone company that dominated the world in the beginning of the 21st century, this brick phone we had has something to be missed. It was a simpler time. There were no app stores to which we relish ourselves now in this digital age. You don't have to buy another back case to protect your phone from back scuffs and whatnot, since Nokia is already indestructible enough. Forgive me for being a bit nostalgic, but I just missed the times when you can dress your Nokia 3310 with special cases, when you don't have to worry that your battery will run out of juice, when repairing your phone is easy, and when you could read the screen even in direct sunlight. Those were the days.

And just recently, the former employees of Nokia had its spirit reincarnated in the Jolla smartphone. It seems like an interesting device knowing that it came from the great folks behind Nokia. But, wouldn't it be better if people could actually reincarnate the pride of Nokia that is Nokia 3310? Yes, it is! And actually, someone had already conceptualized it. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Bob Freking, one of the most well-known and prolific concept designers, Nokia 3310 can now be reincarnated to the form of Nokia Lumia 3310. You can watch the video to witness his brilliant creativity.

The specs of this concept phone is imagined to sport the new Nvidia Tegra K1 chip, a 5-inch Full HD display, and packed with a whopping 23-megapixel and an 8-megapixel Pureview shooter at the back and front respectively. Moreover, it is also equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, NFC tech, wireless charging, and is running the latest Windows Phone OS. And going back to what we really missed in the first place, Nokia Lumia 3310 offers an updated Snake game that now in this concept is named as Snake Impact 4D.

And of course, what made the original Nokia 3310 a game changer at the beginning of 21st century is its sturdiness. So, expect that this concept phone is designed durably enough to imitate the indestructible brick phone it is inspired of. Witness how the back of this handheld device heals itself from dings and scuffs, and see how a "dumbphone becomes smart," as said by Freking. Furthermore, it is described by Freking as the "return of the world's best phone."

So, what do you say about the return of the world's best phone now?

Monday, January 6, 2014

What is Your New Year’s Resolution? These Techs Might Help

The New Year has finally unrolled. We have finally and totally let go of all the strongholds from 2013—or have we? New Year doesn't just mean that it's simply the start of the year, but it also means that this is a fresh start and a clean slate for you—to begin again; to start the year right. Where am I leading you with this? Well, there may be things you've done with the previous year that you aren't that proud of—I, for one, am absolutely guilty. But as the trite says, “Change is the only constant thing.” I can change, and so can you. So, pull out your New Year's Resolution list and keep jotting down all the things you still want to deal with. Let the latest gadgets of today help and lead you to your breakthrough.

#1: Evernote

First off, you must enlist everything you need before you push yourself full-throttle this 2014. Enlist every detail you need to change or enhance about yourself in order to get the best of the year—and this is where Evernote app gets helpful. Nothing beats starting your year well organized in order for you to not leave anything important behind so as to target the goals you are aiming. Taking down notes of everything you don't want to forget would definitely make the Evernote your best companion. With Evernote, you can feel more fulfilled as you can save all the ideas popping from your head in a jiffy, be it notes, pictures, videos, voice notes, and the list goes on. Organize your thoughts and start the year! [Free on iOS and Android]

#2: Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Alright, we have had enough sumptuous meals last Christmas season and this New Year. I guess it's definitely time to trim down those unwanted, extra pounds; it's time to get fit! Rather than scrambling your way to the gym—which, by the way, is absolutely crowded by now—you can be smart enough to wear this so-called wearable tech, Adidas miCoach Smart Run. This smart piece actually delivers an advanced, intuitive blend of performance data in order for its users to maximize training. It features a strapless continuous heart rate, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, WLAN, color touch screen, and a wireless music player to get you always hyped up. Evident in its name, it can absolutely be your coach as you tire your legs out every time you lace up your shoes. You're going to need some wireless headset though, in order for you to have audible coaching. [£350]

#3: Toshl

You sure have had a blast before you ended 2013, but do you still remember where your entire bonus went? Stop thinking of sniffing the foil of your roasted turkey, and know your finances with Toshl app. With this app, you can now save money and worry less as it lets you track your incomings and outgoings. Now, you will be aware of your expenditures, and you can think of a better way to slash your bills as everything is logged. You need not worry either on spending a penny with this app as it is also absolutely free. Make your paycheck last longer, and have this app now. [Free on iOS and Android]

Technology can simplify and maximize our lives. Remember, how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Optimize Your Phoneography With These Simple Tips

Photography is defined as the art of practice of taking and processing photographs. So, if we’re talking about the not-so-old age photography here, you’ll find a professional photographer processing the captured image in the darkroom. But, fast forward to today, innovations of camera made photography much better and inarguably lesser hassle. This art has been practiced up until now since it’s the best representation of a vivid memory there is.

Now, cameras have long been integrated to our smartphones—rendering most people capturing moments using them rather than a real professional camera. Why wouldn't they? Considering how handy and useful smartphones are, you yourself wouldn't bother bringing your bulky cameras out especially now that the camera integrated on our phones can produce an image quality that matches up to that of professional cameras.

But it doesn't mean that if you have a professional camera, you’re already a professional photographer. Neither does it mean that if you’re not a professional photographer, your captured images would be a bunch of baloney. Photography requires a skill; phoneography is no different.

So, here in this article, we’re going to talk about optimizing your photography using your iPhone—which is why it’s called phoneography. You can also optimize them by integrating some iPhone accessories depending on your liking, but what you’re going to expect on this article is about using only pretty easy guides. Let’s capture that moment greatly with these tips:

#1: Choose a Background with Good Lighting

Remember, lighting can make or break a picture. So, if you are snagging a photo with your iPhone, better choose a good lighting. Don’t shoot directly on backlit backgrounds because your photo would turn out as a disappointing one—you won’t be able to see yourself or the image as it goes against the light. Let the light fall on your subject, and just simply avoid backgrounds that are either overexposed to light or underexposed.

#2: Tap the Object on the Screen to Focus

Your iPhone has a “Tap to Focus” feature. So, might as well make use of it. It’s as simple as aiming on the object and tapping it on the screen to get the focus poured out on it. Although smartphones have autofocus, they don’t always know what you are supposed to be capturing. So, make it a habit to tap to focus first in order for you to have a satisfying result. It’s not always point-and-shoot when it comes to photography. This trick even helps to adjust the lighting so you could clearly see the image that comes with good old memories.

#3: Tweak Them Before Uploading

Editing is essential for the image to look better. Even professional photographers do edit their shots. But, be sure not to overdo it because it may mislead people. Let’s face it; not all camera phones are as great as DSLR. But you can produce an image with the same great quality with the help of editing tools. Trust me; there’s a heap of them. So, edit your photos to bring out the best of them; not to alter the whole image—if possible. Don’t crop your picture too much or it will appear congested. Neither should you exhaust the optical zoom of your phone because it compromises the quality.

Feel as if you are snagging a photo from a professional camera; feel as if you are a professional photographer with these phoneography tips.