Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quitbit, a lighter way to put an end to your smoking

Trying or even planning to quit smoking is probably the hardest thing to do for smokers of all sorts. Either you’re an occasional or heavy chain-smoker, putting an end to your smoking habit may seem to be rather impossible at first. We’ve been handed down with plenty of smoking alternatives, like e-cigarettes, nicotine patches or gums but none of these seem to replace the sedation we get from smoking.

Luckily, a new smart device emerges from the technological realm. This device promises to turn our smoking sensations into a complete smoking cessation. The Quitbit smartlighter may just be the last lighter you’ll ever buy or better yet it’s the lighter you actually need to completely halt your smoking.

The Quitbit smartlighter was successfully funded from Kickstarter.com on June 11, 2014. The smartlighter project received a total of $55,287 worth of pledges and 657 backers to come along with it. For all of those who are wondering what’s so special about this lighter, well for starters, the Quitbit smartlighter is a non-butane-dependent lighter; instead it uses a heating coil to light up your cigarettes. It also has the capability to track down how many sticks you had per day and and also comes along with an app which you can install in your trusty partner, your smartphone.

So just how does tracking your sticks per day help you stop your habit of smoking? The answer is simple; it makes you conscious of how much you smoke per day. From the information the Quitbit lighter provided you with, you can now take control and limit the cigarettes you light per day and then from there on you may start constructing your “smoke-no-more” campaign and plan to slowly decrease the number of sticks you smoke until eventually you put an end to your smoking habit.

With the help of the Quitbit app, you will be able to know how much you’ve also saved from cutting down the sticks you had plus you’ll also be introduced into a support group wherein former smokers and planning-to-quit-smokers like you motivates you with inspirational messages to help you push through on your withdrawal stage. As we all know, the drug withdrawal stage is the most painful phase we have to go through after we quit smoking – this is also most likely to be the reason behind starting the bad habit all over again.

Currently, the Quitbit smartlighter is priced at $89. It’s kinda pricey for a lighter if you asked me; but just keep in mind of what it could do for you. I mean, where else will you be able to find a lighter that will help you stop yourself from smoking?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Essential apps for your Sneaker Fever

The Sneaker game favours those who are always ready and prepared. As we all now, dope kicks are released almost every day. A lot of people who are immersed in the sneaker culture invest massive amount of time, dedication and not to mention their sweat and tears just to secure a pair. That statement is without exaggeration for sneakerheads like us. Just how important is it for us to be the first to know? Well, it’s pretty much the reason why we are in front of the line. A certain amount of heat can cause a big outrage just to secure a pair of sneaks. The most probable outcome of your incompetent preparation for this shoe event directs you towards the back of the line, and we all know this scenario often leads into a not-so-positive outcome.

To gather the information we need, particularly the release dates and other important details such as the reason behind the heat of the latest drops, can be found obviously in the brand manufacturer’s site, sneaker blogs, and trending news. All these are located in the World Wide Web. So, how do we get this imperative and vital information while we’re on-the-go or perhaps while we are at work or doing any of our agendas that would separate us from our laptops and computers? The answer is simple. We have our trusty smartphones and their ever-so-convenient apps to thank for. I’ve manage to collect the list of noteworthy apps which I personally think will play as a convenient tool for your “sole searching” activities and of course be a beneficial addition to fuel your sneaker fever.

1.       Unlaced by Urban Sensory

The app does not only offer you updated news and latest drops, but it also enables you to take a quick snapshot of the kicks you’re wearing. Moreover, it has a feature that lets you organize each of your dopest kicks by dates. This enables you to interchange between your collections, so you may showcase them and let them enjoy the limelight equally. This said feature is a smart and remarkable addition focusing on your sneaker management. I give this app an A+ for its smart features and cool-looking user-interface.

2.       J23 by Matt Berg

Did you know that Michael Jordan was fined by the NBA for wearing the Nike Air Jordan 1 because it does not match the on-court dress code? Learn the history behind every Jordan shoe with the J23 app. This app also features push notifications allowing you to have convenient updates on the upcoming Jordan releases. The Jordan Brand is, without a doubt, the most popular brand of sneakers for all the sneakerheads out there. Avid Jordan brand fans will definitely go crazy over this app.

3.       Adidas Originals

Embedded with groundbreaking technology, the 3D image recognition, users can simply take a photo of an Adidas Originals’ item and subsequently receive its closest matches and their available colourways. This app can also provide you with the directions to the nearest shoe store where your desired kicks are found and allow you to instantaneously post them to Facebook, so everyone you know can see your newly added additions to your Adidas collection. A definitely must have for the Adidas fans.

4.       eBay

Having trouble finding a good deal? Or do you simply have a hard time looking for your desired kicks? Solve both these dilemmas with the eBay app. Locate good deals from a wide network of trusted sellers from around the globe, or simply put your own kicks up for sale. You might not know it yet, but what you’re looking for may be a simple tap away from this app.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Luxury Statement Piece for a Smartphone

Who says a smartphone can’t be both a luxury statement piece and a worthy partner? The latest masterpiece from the world renowned luxury smartphone manufacturer, Vertu, embodies the existence of a gadget bestowed with both class and superior functionalities. Although priced at a staggering USD 11,300 or almost 6, 650 British Sterling, the Vertu Signature Touch may have what it takes to convince you to burn a large amount of your cash for a rather pricey but unmatchable smartphone experience.

Let’s have a rundown of its pros and cons for us to have a quick preview of Vertu’s prided masterpiece.

Good points

·         Design and Durability

The Vertu Signature Touch is composed of high-class materials to pull off a very luxurious and classy finish. Some of these high-class elements include a ruby crystal as a physical button, a virtually scratchproof sapphire glass, hand-fed calf leather and Grade 5 titanium. The Grade 5 titanium is a material commonly seen on race cars and spacecrafts. With that being said, you are assured to have an elegant-looking yet highly-durable smartphone.

·         Performance and Specs

In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen and Dolby Digital Surround Sound for its audioware, this luxury smartphone turns your conventional media listening experience into literally and without exaggeration, greater heights. If that does not get you amazed, Vertu also collaborated with Hasselblad for an unmatchable and unrivaled mobile photography on its 13MP rear camera. And on top of all that, the Vertu Signature Touch is equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor that works hand-in-hand with 2GB of RAM. This combination brings forth massive amount of computing power, enabling you to take on all your mobile activities in a high-speed manner.

·         Luxurious and High-class Perks

This is where the Vertu Signature Touch greatly separates itself from all the budget friendly smartphones. The luxurious perks may be the ones responsible for its rather pricey price tag. Where else will you be able to find a smartphone that gives off complimentary tickets to exclusive or members only invites? Also, what other smartphone can give you dedicated 24-hour worldwide assistance? The Vertu Concierge, Vertu Life and the Certainty service features are, without a doubt, this smartphone’s biggest assets. To be teased and tempted to enjoy luxury? You just won’t pass that up, right?


·        Pricing

The single but most important aspect to look at when choosing a smartphone is pricing, and for Vertu Signature Touch this is its weakest point. Priced at a staggering and highly astounding $11,300, Vertu’s masterpiece seems to sound quite intimidating rather than to sound tempting. Although packed with nearly everything that you could ever wish for, this amazing smartphone is still an impractical item to buy. Knowing technology is still at a fast-paced growth; The Vertu Signature Touch’s high-end specs will eventually become insufficient for our tomorrow’s technological demands. When that time comes it will pretty much be a mere jewelry or perhaps just an accessory to portray the standards of your living.

The Vertu Signature Touch is, without a doubt, an impractical item to purchase unless you really got that much cash to burn and willing to pay a lot to enjoy a high-class mobile lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, this smartphone looks amazing in both design and performance. but But if you’re primarily planning to buy a smartphone and plan to use it as a convenient tool to boost your productivity rather than a jewelry or statement piece, then this item is not what you should affix your eyes on. There are a lot of smartphones out in the market today with lesser digits on their price tags and as equally exceptional in terms of performance. What would you rather have for a partner? A trusty and reliable smartphone with lesser cost? O or a very pricey jewelry-phone?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When will the Android Lollipop Pop?

What the rumor mill is churning out these days especially in the world of mobile technology might probably pique everyone’s curiosity. Or, let’s just drop the sense of uncertainty in that statement. Case in point is what the famed Android OS is prepping for its army of tech-geeks and ordinary mobile users alike, both with oodles of enthusiasm and anticipation. Even only a few months after it released the indubitably most-celebrated and highly-patronized Android KitKat, an even more exciting monster OS rumored to be the Android Lollipop is set to stand front and center of the mobile arena. Although the details about the next generation Android operating system are still unconfirmed, we’ve got some juicy info about how the OS will give all that you need and so much more.

Picking up from where KitKat left off.
Who could resist the chocolatey goodness of Android 4.4 KitKat? The revamped interface it offers, the radical changes it made to satisfy our techie taste buds and the tasty features it brings forth to the last bite. Each feature of the Android 4.4 KitKat made all the taps, swipes, and toggles all powerful and easy-peasy, giving us nothing but indeed a break from all the fading, menial mobile activities. Yet again, it’s rumored that Android will offer another sweet treat for us to crave. Should we bite into this sweet treat or should we take a break? And so, almost all—if not everyone—anticipated the sweet release of yet another Android OS to indulge our techie sweet tooth. Following the alphabetical order of the sweets, the platform starts with letter L. Rumor mills couldn’t take a break either, giving us interesting options such as Android Lemon Meringue Pie, Android Lamington, Android Ladoo (a ball-shaped Indian sweet), Android Layer Cake, and Android Ladyfingers. Oh, did I forget something? Yes, of course, the most talked about Android Lollipop.

Bite the candy or bite your tongue?
Of course, associated with the platform’s sweet treat name is its version. Since Android Lollipop is likely the codename for the much-anticipated Android OS, it’s logical to have an upgraded version code. But would it be the version Android 4.5 or Android 5.0? If your money is on the latter, then take my advice, don’t go sour-graping because that is somewhat unlikely. Android 5.0 would be less likely on the cards since the code itself denotes a promise that it would be a big update—in which the company is not ready yet.

What does the allegedly Android 4.5 Lollipop offer?
Since there haven’t been a ratified set of features of the speculated Android platform, rumor has it that the design or interface would be much flatter and cleaner. This new Android style is actually referred to as ‘Moonshine’. The interface was gradually revamped, and one of which is flattening and simplification of Google’s online icons. If you’re a Google+ app user, you’ll also notice the gray navbar and the menu background shading are changed to bright red to match up with the Google+ logo in line with the to-be-released Android 4.5. What’s more is that you will miss the trusty home button since there would now be onscreen navigation buttons. Rumor has it that the new Google button will have a minor hexagonal makeover, and the familiar back button will also not leave its side.

The Android 4.5 Lollipop’s surprise center
What we all have been waiting to taste is the surprise center of the Android 4.5 Lollipop. According to Android Police, the Android 4.5 is known internally as Hera—reportedly centered around the unification of Android and Chrome having a Chromium build design to run on Android. Also, you’ll get to abuse the multi-tasking feature of your gadget, since 4.5 update shows off apps as interactive HTML 5-powered windows. That being said, you can venture your way to replying an email while on the multitasking window without having to fully enter the main app. Powerful surprise center indeed. The integration of HTML 5 makes the Android 4.5 Lollipop more exciting, and I can’t stress this enough, worth the wait.

Unwrapping the candy
Adding up to this juicy-licious Android 4.5 Lollipop update for the time being is its ‘Ok Google’ integration, now with a bigger scope. The rumor mill has given us the bits and bites of this sweet edible, but when would it really roll? Better stop biting your lip, because Google will be unwrapping the Lollipop candy by this late June, which is 25 June precisely. Google has always been unstoppable; what do you think would be the next sweet edible?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Future of Smartwatches

2014 will be the year of smartwatches or more popularly termed now as “wearables”. Giant brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG have been focusing on the creation of the ultimate wearable. Then comes Android Wear, Google’s latest breakthrough which is basically a very ambitious operating system for smartwatches. Some concepts include the incorporation of popular Google apps like Google Map and Google Now, as well as the ability to reply to your messages via voice command, well how cool is that?

A quick rundown of Android Wear concepts are (brace yourselves) health and fitness features which tells you how many calories you burned while on your way to work, QR codes which are basically everywhere, voice command anything as if you have your pc or remote control with you, and loads more. With this innovative operating system, many companies are preparing their own line of wearables to be Android Wear-ready. Good for them! Here is a list of wearables you might want to put on your wrists:

Samsung’s Simband
Samsung is now taking a different path—a medically inclined one. Simband is Samsung’s new smartwatch equipped with all the sensors you have in your list plus more. These sensors are focused on monitoring your health and fitness, so it is safe to say this wearable is not meant for everyone who aims for a smartwatch that is more than monitoring health and fitness. Features include measuring your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure (awesome!), temperature, ECG (more awesome!), blood chemical levels, your eating and exercise habits, and body fat percentage.  This little device is like your personal medical assistant right on your wrist! The great thing about the Simband is its modular construction in which developers can devise new sensors for who-knows what purpose. Exciting, isn’t it?

Motorola’s Moto 360
With a rumour release this summer, many say it will be explosive. Moto 360 is yet another wearable to watch for. Custom made from OLED display to conserve battery and prolong its performance while a lot of reports say it’ll be covered in Sapphire glass—expensive and elegant just like that. If this is true, we will be having one of the toughest displays, even four times stronger than Gorilla Glass.

LG G Watch and Sony SmartWatch 2
LG and Sony have already produced their versions of wearables. Both have outstanding features you wish are in just one smartwatch. The LG Watch has this always-on display for the lazy you. No more pressing the wake-up button to check the time or notifications. The Sony SmartWatch 2 however, screens phone alerts, is Gmail ready, and shows call info in real time, all in a one water-resistant piece of equipment. That’s how you put the cherry on top.

Pebble Smartwatch
The great thing about the Pebble wearable is its broad compatibility conquering both iOS and Android devices. It is also waterproof and features a lot of apps you can get your restless fingers on. Running via Bluetooth connection, it is one tempting smartwatch to wear.

Get ready for Apple’s iWatch

Apple has been rumoured (a lot of times) to produce its own smartwatch, but as the unveiling of the latest iPhone 6 becomes inevitable, many of us believe and desperately hope it will be true this time.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Apple’s 30-pin Connector Transition to Lightning Connector

 Back in the year 2007, Apple ignited the smartphone war as they made a wave of touchscreen phones—as we know it, the iPhone. And who couldn’t forget the connector introduced with the 3rd generation iPod way back in 2003 and is associated with the earlier iterations of iPhone or iDevice before the inarguably smaller 5-pin Lightning connector stole the limelight? I can’t stress this enough; it’s Apple’s 30-pin connector.

Is it goodbye?
Fast forward to today, the 30-pin connector that was once the standard equipment on all iOS
devices, has now been brought to its demise—not unless some people still prefer the earlier
iDevice versions that are bundled with the Apple’s old 30-pin connector. After all, the iPad 3 was the last device that used the 30-pin connector. But, is it really time to say goodbye to this old trusty connector?

30-pin connector’s greatness
In retrospect, Apple’s 30-pin connector actually did great. But of course, without putting the new and improved Lightning Connector for people’s syncing and accessory access needs in the picture. It’s really unusual for a device connector to stay in the market for countless years, but Apple managed to prolong the connector in the market for 9 years—which actually speaks volumes to the thought that Apple’s 30-pin connector has been great. Not to mention it being the standard for accessory makers with literally millions of accessories associated with it.

Why the transition?
If the 30-pin connector has been trusted for 9 years, then why is there a need to upgrade? Well, ever heard of the growing digital needs of people and tech savvies alike? The 30-pin connector needs to be replaced since the signals have been changed in the connector every time a product is being improved. FireWire—one of things that are being carried by the Apple connector—was also phased out, which then led to a discontinuity of usage of the 30-pin connector and gave birth to the Lightning connector.

The noticeable changes
As you will notice, the Lightning connector is a lot smaller than that of the old connector—approximately 4 times the size of the latter. The Lightning connector also uses a slightly thinner cable that is about 2 inches longer than the 30-pin connector. Looking at the other end, the USB end of the cable has now a smaller housing. Evidently, changes can be observed physically, yet Apple did not announce any speed benefits of the new cable aside from the signals changed.

It actually is…
So long, 30-pin connector! As I’ve stated earlier, there were literally millions of accessories made matching up with the connector. But now it’s time for the new 8-pin connector named Lightning to flash the light and steal the limelight. The succeeding devices of Apple starting from iPhone 5 are now compatible with the 8-pin connector as it is a proprietary computer bus. After all, Lightning connector is more compact than the old connector. But, even if it actually is goodbye, 30-pin connector will be remembered.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Smartphones for Smart Gamers

The tech world has indeed contributed a lot of wares in quenching people’s boredom. The pioneer mobile phones did not only start offering people convenience in making people communicate with each other no matter how far they are. Truth is, they also started giving people a straightaway entertainment right on their palms as easy as 1-2-3. But now that a lot has changed with mobile phones, that split-second entertainment you get from your phone would not only quench your boredom, it can also be your addiction.

From the legendary Snake game that started gaming in mobile phones, to the so-called Space Impact game that gave us different levels of adventures, now comes a lot of entertaining games that suddenly popped out like mushrooms and can be downloaded for free. But before we jump on the bandwagon and be one of the smartphone gamers out there, let’s make a guesstimation of the a-list smartphones which are best used for gaming so we may not be caught between two stools in choosing the smartphone we want to use to snuff out our blahs.

HTC One (M8)

As the successor of the HTC One, the HTC One (M8) has to authenticate something to prove people that it is better than the previous HTC One. But is it really better than the HTC One when it comes to gaming?

Though the HTC One M8 also features 2GB of RAM, there’s no doubt that the HTC One M8 is advantageous than the previous HTC One when it comes to gaming for it houses the latest Snapdragon 801 quad-core chip which works hand-in-hand with a KitKat Android processor v4.4 that is already installed.

Here are other perks of choosing the HTC One M8 over the previous HTC One: HTC One M8 boasts a larger screen size than the previous HTC One. Its memory is expandable to 128GB which is a wow factor so you can store in different kinds of games.

So maybe we can then conclude that the HTC One M8 is better in offering a fine gaming experience than the previously released HTC One.

Apple iPhone 5s

Of course! Apple could never be forgotten. The iPhone 5s may be the most elegant looking smartphone around. But could its gilt-edged looks match its performance when it comes to gaming?

With the latest version of iOS lodged in this smartphone and a new Apple A7 chip, dallying your favorite games couldn’t get any better. With regards to its screen, the iPhone 5s may have a 4-inch display, nonetheless, its 16:9 aspect ratio will let you use minimal effort in reaching the upper right corner down to the bottom left corner which means convenience in playing sorts of games.

We all know that the Apple app store is most of the time, first-in-line in providing users the hottest games. So if you’re up to being one of the firsts to use a new game, might as well pick the Apple iPhone 5s to enjoy its myriad of games available.


LG is back in game! LG just gave gamers a treat with its LG G2.

Who wouldn’t enjoy frolicking your favorite games in a large screen display? LG has just heard every gamer’s desire to play in a large screen. With LG G2’s 5.2 inch display, you may now let your eyes and fingers play around its large screen.

But what makes LG G2’s large screen much better is its True HD-IPS+LCD capacitive touch screen with 16M colors provided with 1080x1920 pixels. With this LCD, your eyes are sure to feast into every graphic detail of your game, plus giving you accurate colors and non-pixelated visuals.

Playing in a large screen isn’t the only vantage the LG G2 has for it boasts its Snapdragon 800 processor which becomes more favorable with the aid of its 2GB of RAM. But here’s more! Its 3000mAh battery gives you the prerogative of playing your cherry-picked games for long hours.

With these cool factors to wow gamers, LG must also mean Love Gaming.

Motorola Moto G

Here comes the legendary Motorola, one of the pioneer mobile phones that have brought us so much convenience. But what does it have in store for gamers?

First off, this is one budget friendly Smartphone. While the prices of the Motorola Moto G may vary, reviews on the net say that the Moto G is a cut-price Smartphone nevertheless giving you a fantabulous performance with minimal compromises. That’s one factor that’s hard to overlook.

Secondly, the Moto G offers lucent display. With a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 16M colors displayed in its 4.5 –inch screen, the Moto G will definitely satisfy your eyes with vibrant colors and sharp graphics making your gaming experience a lot more fun.

Furthermore, Moto G houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU which makes gaming experience outmatch the gaming experience you get from other budget friendly Smartphone.

So for all the Smartphone gamers out there who wouldn’t want to cost an arm and a leg just to have a Smartphone that can give you a hype gaming experience, you might want to be a Moto Gamer and purchase the Moto G. Who knows, the G in Moto G can also mean Game.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung won’t let its smart phones be out of the trend and so it has produced a variety of new high-end Smartphone. But which of those smartphones would suit a gamer’s preference?

Larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 definitely has it! Unlike any other Smartphones, the Galaxy Note 3 houses a staggering 5.7-inch screen provided with a super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 16M colors and 1080 x 1920 pixels. Imagine how fun it is playing with that size of a screen that also satisfies your eyes with the vibrant graphics it showcases.

RAM plus Superb processor. With an impressive 3GB of RAM and a fine memory which is expandable up to 64GB, who wouldn’t enjoy storing a vast options of games? Not only that, you can also enjoy lag free gaming with the help of the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset which works simultaneously with its Jelly Bean Android OS which is upgradeable to the latest Android version, the KitKat.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Thorough Look on What Makes the HTC One M8 the Better Smartphone

The year 2014 brings forth the biggest and most explosive revelations in the smartphone industry. Every smartphone company has its big guns within its arsenal for its upcoming reveal. Flagship devices come and go, but those step-by-step innovations are what give a smartphone company its status. Apple is up for the iPhone 6, while Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S5, and as for HTC, it has made its acclaimed One even better with the HTC One M8.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer may not be the biggest within its sphere, but it is no doubt a company that raises the bar of the competition it is in. In fact, it placed high in numerous charts, even became phone of the year in some tech sites. But disappointingly, sales of the HTC 2013 flagship phone did not fare as much as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5s. Some things are just meant to be treated unfairly. Be that as it may, this year might be HTC’s chance to make more people believe in its awesome product. Without further ado, let us look closely on what the brand new flagship device of HTC has to offer.

On the outside appearance, the design of the One M8 is worth the second glance. The handset is made of 90% metal that seamlessly wraps around the unibody frame. Its curved form and ergonomic design is intentionally made to perfectly fit the user’s hand for natural ease when used. To add up with the overall design, the dual front-facing speakers that packs a blast of volume and sound quality gives the One M8 a look that implies a well-thought concept. Essentially, the HTC One M8 is a smartphone built to impress.

Following its powerful predecessor, we can expect the latest flagship of HTC to be superior in terms of features and performance as well. The One M8 took all the superb aspects of its antecedent and improved it in every area to integrate the latest smartphone technology. The compact device houses a powerful quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz with 2GB of RAM. When placed side by side other flagship phones, it proves to be one of the most powerful.

It’s a hard fact that one of the most sought after features of smartphones is its camera. Mobile photography has become a norm, especially with the cool features that make each shot brilliant, and this made this small yet functional component a major selling point of smartphone manufacturers. The dual rear camera of the One M8 may seem absurd at first, but you’ll soon realize that it is not a useless piece of junk. The tandem of the two cameras uses a parallax to determine the positioning of objects in the scene, producing a perception of depth. With that feature, you can easily set the focus, add effects, or give a unique twist of each shot in edit mode; just let your creativity spill out.

For most mobile consumers, storage space is a major concern. But for the HTC One M8, an extra of up to 128GB can be added to its built-in storage via a Micro SD card, unlike with the earlier version. This way, you can be able to optimize your device and access everything you want without thinking about where to place your files in.

The HTC One M8 is truly a fantastic device. But due to the renowned fame and glory of the Taiwanese company’s competitors, it’s quite unlikely that the HTC One M8, though utterly outstanding, can outsell the flagships of the others. Give this device a try, and see for yourself how far it can go in giving you the best smartphone experience you ever had.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Find the Best Smartphone for You as of 2014| April Edition

As we hit the year 2014, innovation of smartphones came popping out like mushrooms. With the advancement of technology at a neck-breaking speed, do you think you can still keep up?

The big boys of the mobile industry always make sure they bring something new on the table. Some offer once a year, while others enjoy releasing more than one neat piece to the masses. Ehem, Apple. But, as I’ve implied, there is so much on the plate. See if these top 5 smartphone sweet treats as of the year 2014 could satisfy your cravings all the way.

#5: HTC One M8

The one thing that could be your mate this 2014 is no other than the HTC One M8. Who could just say ‘no’ with this eye-candy smartphone with a luxurious metal design? If you have this phone, guaranteed it’ll be a head-turner! Released just recently, it is by far the best looking device here on the surface! Not to mention its sleek UI and the booming speakers. Yes, who could forget the best of last year’s HTC One that is the BoomSound stereo speakers that is also rolling out with the HTC One M8? No audiophile could ever get enough of the HTC One M8 for sure!

#4: Samsung Galaxy S5

 You think you’ve fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy S4? Check out what the Samsung Galaxy S5—Samsung’s flagship—has to offer! Aside from once again rolling out the things we loved about the S4, the S5 now has an inclusion of fingerprint reader for secure logins, and built-in heart rate sensor that is associated with the S Fitness app that allows the user to achieve the optimal workout! Plus, it is equipped with a 16-Megapixel rear camera, so you’ll end up having more fun on snagging out photos and of course, selfies!

#3: Motorola Moto X

 Who wouldn’t love a phone that you can customize? And because Motorola wants you to be you, they now give you the privilege to customize the most talked about Motorola Moto X! First off, an AT&T customer must log on to the Moto Maker in order for the fun to get started. After that, you get to choose among the 18 back-cover colors, seven accent colors, and two front colors (white or black). Mix and match with your taste, and there you have it! Will you still need a swanky back case to lessen the dullness of your phone’s appearance? Also, this nifty phone has some tricks up its sleeve such as launching the 10-MP camera just by flicking the phone twice in your wrist! How cool is that?

#2: Apple iPhone 5S

 Rising up to number 2 is also the most talked about Apple iPhone 5S. If you’re into killer apps, then Apple iPhone 5S is the one to bag—or, could you even put them inside your bag with all the awesome features it offers? Thanks to Apple’s new A7 chip and 64-bit architecture, you can now keep up with the neck-breaking speed of technology. Now if you’re into having perfect selfies—oh, I know you want to—then just grab hold of it! It now has bigger pixels and an inclusion of dual flash! Let’s not also drift our thoughts away from the device’s Touch ID feature that lets you unlock your device and make purchases through the fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5S sure has something to brag!

#1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

 Yes, a phablet ranks up to number 1. It’s still a phone, right? If there’s anything that this could brag more than its competitors is that it has a bright full HD screen, superfast Snapdragon 800 processor, and the battery life that can last more than 11 hours! Yes, it’s okay to cry! But be mindful that you’ll need two hands to handle this beast. Not to mention the S-pen software has undergone lots of enhancements, so you’ll get to enjoy the tricks the S-pen offers! This smarty piece is by far the best overall smartphone.

So, which of these could satisfy your taste? Leave a comment below if you think there are other phones that are better than the listed above. Let us hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Neptune Pine: Turning the Tables for Smartwatches

Recently this year, a lot of the big names in the tech industry have shown off what they are capable of with a variety of smart gadgets set to provide the digital user experience we’ve all been looking for. Whether it’s a success or fail for the company, innovation does not stop and must not as this is the very core of technology.

Launching their very best would be Samsung, Sony, and LG to name a few backing it all up with their versions of wearable technology – the smart watch. Even before these eminent companies have developed their own, you could already catch sight of smart watches made quite available in markets for mobile consumer electronics but with various purposes. The earlier smart watches focused on the health and fitness sector of human living. Biometric checks such as a heart rate monitor have been integrated to the device that truly helped out in determining the necessary points needed to be attended to. There is no doubt that smart watches are a step up in advancements for daily living. Now moving into another dimension of wearable technology is the integration of smartphone characteristics like camera features, ability to make calls and send messages or emails, and even share files. All these work via Bluetooth as the full capability of the smart watch released by the previously mentioned tech giants can only be realized if there is a compatible device interconnected.

This may be how smart watches work but it’s not at all ideal. If there is no interconnected device, the smart watch cannot be utilized not only with its full functionality, but to no avail at all. This is why not one of the recently revealed versions has succeeded. It is as if it is a given requirement to purchase both or at least have an alternative that is attuned to the smartwatch. This is also the reason why a list of very willing developers paved the way to fabricating the gadget we all want to have strapped to our wrists.

One of which is Neptune Pine as lead by Simon Tian, founder of Neptune Computer. His idea of a smart watch is that it should be a stand-alone tool, completely independent of another compatible device but with similar characteristics. Though it is still up for launch through a Kick starter campaign, it might very well be the game-changer for wrist-wearable devices.

Neptune Pine is a smartphone in a form a watch. It has an extensive set of features that include instant messaging, emails, make and receive phone calls, web browsing, and possesses 2G/3G support, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Yes, these are all possible with the previously introduced versions. Neptune Pine is distinctive in the sense that it has no need for Bluetooth-tethering just so it could work properly and that is its best feature.

In addition to its physical features are the Pulse Counter and a removable camera. Pulse Counter, as you may have guessed, is a real-time heart rate monitor built to cater to your health needs. As for the camera, it can be described as a removable device that mounts to any mobile accessory fit for it which transforms it into a point-of-view (POV) video camera that has the capability to shoot crystal clear, 720p HD videos. What’s more inviting is the embedded 1.2 GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor of Qualcomm to make all its operations run smoothly. Yes, you read that right – there’s that much power in a small device.
This is the smartwatch that has it all. Literally. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Are Your Kids into Facebook? Then, Be Wise to Safeguard Them from These

Social media was transformed from just being an avant-garde concept of interaction to the mainstream means of communication in these modern days. In fact, the conventional way of face-to-face communication has been left behind by interactions over the internet. People would rather make online connections rather than real-life ones, and to no avail, this practice is more popular among children.

But how did this impersonal, semi-anonymous means of communication get to be favored more than we have expected? There are a lot of advantages that online interaction can provide. First, a user gets to do whatever he wants because of the limited sense of accountability vested on users of social media. Second, the lack of personal connections can be compensated by the opportunity of exposure over the internet. Or perhaps, others just become users of social media for the purpose of jumping into the bandwagon of having an enriched digital lifestyle.

Whatever the reasons are for being hooked up with this means, we can’t deny the fact that there are dangers to it. And the scariest part of it is that if it has come to affect our children. It is our responsibility as parents to guide them about life—about social media use. And as we all know, it won’t be any healthier to restrict them to use it so. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Given this situation, the best way is to guide them. And so, here are the top 3 Facebook fears and how they can be fixed. Read on.

·         Cyber bullying. Bullying nowadays isn't just confined within school grounds; it has reached a whole new level that brings forth more terrifying and more traumatic consequences. All you have to do is listen to the news, and you will find out heartbreaking stories about kids driven to suicide after being harassed via social media. It most certainly is not a laughing matter; children have the tendency to succumb to those kinds of attacks. There are no easy solutions for this. One thing you can do is to be aware of the warning signs of bullying and talk to your kids about it. Teach them, first and foremost, to never initiate acts of bullying. If they are the object of the act, teach them not to respond nor retaliate. If things get way out of hand, make it known to them that there’s always someone who can listen to them, and you are one of the people they can trust.

 Stalking activities. A recent survey by McAfee reveals that one of four teenage girls admits to have chatted online with a total stranger, and 12 percent of them have actually met up with that somebody. This is bluntly fearsome. Who knows, that anonymous person might have ill intents on your child. To minimize—if not prevent—this type of occurrences, educate your child to make sure that he or she reveals as little personal information on his account. Furthermore, Facebook’s privacy settings can be optimized to ensure that only his friends or subset of friends can see what he posts. And reinforce to them the dangers of interacting with strangers.
·         Your children themselves. More often than not, we underestimate the ambit of the internet. We may have the purest intentions with our social media activities, but little do we know that we already are spreading something that negatively affects other people—or ourselves for this matter. Last year, a number of college admissions officers browsed the Facebook accounts of the applicants, and the chances of 30 percent of them were negatively affected. This might seem humorous, but it has serious implications. Try to apply the granny rule. Teach your kids never to post anything they would be ashamed to show their grandparents. Give your kids a heads up on the possibility that they may incriminate themselves because of their careless use of social media.

We have to accept the fact that technology is not just about the latest gadgets we see on stores; it is a lifestyle. Given that, we have to learn how to use it the proper way. And this does not only apply to us. It is applicable to all, especially our children. We have the obligation to safeguard them from all sorts of harm, including those that are from social media.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tips and Tricks on iOS 7’s iMessage

Ever since the revamp of the platform iOS, iMessage has been one of the apps that are frequently used. For all iPhone users, who wouldn’t? The whole pack of iOS 7 has staggering features; iMessage has something to boast on its own, too… if you can still remember the iMessage prank.

iMessage helps iPhone users to slash the cell phone bill, plus it has an inclusion of a number of features that can’t be found anywhere else on a regular text messaging app. Connected on the internet, you can expressed all you need to say to your close circle or loved ones in just a few taps away—regardless of the distance. Evidently, this is one of the apps that iPhone users relish their selves into because of the free service it offers.

With the update of this app, there might be some tips and tricks that you haven’t heard of yet. The update isn’' there for nothing, so might as well enjoy all the crowd-pulling features it now includes. And so, without further ado, here are the tips and tricks on iOS 7’s iMessage in order for you to enjoy every tap with the app:

 #1: Getting to the top of the conversation with just a tap.
How do you usually get to the top of the conversation if in case you want to reread a message? You basically scroll up. Or some people might prefer keying in the keywords they remember on the message. If you have an eidetic memory, that’ll be great! But for some who haven’t paid much attention on details, scrolling through their smartphones would definitely be their first and last resort. And if the conversation thread seems endless, then all good lucks to them. All thanks to the revamped iMessage, you can now go bop to the top by just tapping on the center top of the screen where the clock is displayed. Bopping to the top it is.

#2: Getting more details

If you are keen enough to notice, then you've probably seen that details like time stamps are normally displayed selectively only on few messages that are sent and received. Time stamps, actually, are hidden in order to prevent clutter. But, if you really want to have the details displayed, then you may do so by swiping your finger from the right edge towards the center, and say hello to time stamps. That should do the trick.

#3: A faster copying and pasting

Say like, you are supposed to cascade a message to your close circle. Definitely, you’re going to send it to them. Copy-paste—what are your words? It will suffice if you are only going to send it to no more than three people, but what about blowing the number to 20? Hold it right there before you even blow, because iMessage has already pricked the bubble for you. So, rather than going through the pain of copying and pasting, you can just tap and hold the particular message inside a thread, tap more as menu options pops up, tap on the arrow that shows on the lower right of the screen, and then forward it to people you intend to. It’s just as simple as that.

These are just but a few hacks you can do to your iMessage app. You might not know that the simplest things are just the right ones you really need.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Technology and the Human DNA

 Technology is a huge subject to tackle on. It is composed of various areas of human pursuits such as communication and improved living conditions. For the last few years, the geniuses of the world have focused their brain neurons into stabilizing the communication facet which is invariably important if we are to continue living in a harmonious planet.

We’ve seen how powerful the human mind turn out to be as exhibited by the remarkable innovations especially now that we've jump a few more stones forward with wearable technology.
Communication and computing have been so much easier for individuals who are always running around engaged in their personal businesses. Right now, there isn't anything left to perfect except the capacity to provide a quick response.

The brilliant minds of today are concentrating in collaborating technology with the human body or to be more specific, the human DNA.

DNA Bullets

Another great shift for the forensics team will be the invention of the DNA bullets. In crime scenes, the remains of the victim and the potential criminal are picked up no matter how little evidence they can get. But now, with the DNA bullets, just fire one of these and detectives would know who and how the event transpired at the place where the DNA bullet is shot. The DNA injected into these bullets is artificial so lawsuits are avoided.

DNA Pairing

We’ve waited for our first and last romance that can’t seem to find their way to our lives. Now this is the sure way of finding your one true love using scientific knowledge. The traditional way of dating has always been dependent on the social compatibility of the two persons during their first date. However, there is another aspect still to consider in discovering your perfect match and that is called biological compatibility. According to studies, in order for two people to possess a happy and fulfilling relationship, these two factors should be accommodated. This biological compatibility pertains to the genetic composition of each individual and how their DNA's suit each other.

Some Other DNA Test

Once again, this advancement that is all too related to people’s death is a DNA test that can restore a part of the identity of people who have died and started decomposing. It was first experimented on the remains of General Wladyslaw Sikorski's tooth. With only their teeth and bones as their bases for the test, they were able to find out the hair and eye colors of the dead from long gone. I can’t seem to find the importance of knowing these two characteristics can be a huge help for solving historical mysteries. However, this test will be most helpful if it will be used for identifying the victims or suspects in recent murder trials.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see if there is an app that centers on the human DNA as well that you can easily install in your Android or iOS device. Anything is possible, right?