Thursday, December 26, 2013

Want to Have a Smarter Thermometer? Check out Kinsa iPhone Accessory

Because of the blazingly fast advancement of technology, we can now do almost anything with these gadgets by all means with ease and convenience. And I hope you couldn't agree with me more. Just take a look at your handheld devices. Even when they were all just freshly popped from their manufacturers, these seemingly blank canvasses already have something to offer.

And they get more likely functional when you gear them with suitable smartphone accessories, and the functional apps meandering over Apps stores. These functional apps can likely be about entertainment, health, education, and the like. Not wanting to be left out, cell phone accessories have the same categories, too. Most of them are even wearable technologies. Surely, gone are the days when technologies get to be as huge as a room. So, adding up to the pile of awesome tech gadgets, here is yet another health accessory for your trusty iPhone, the Kinsa accessory.

Kinsa, looking closely on the image, looks more likely as a mere thermometer attached to your phone. Well, it serves as a thermometer indeed, considering that it takes your temperature. And why would we want to replace the usual thermometer we have at home with this kind of accessory, you ask? I couldn't blame you on pondering that question, because that was my initial reaction either. But for all you know, this ingenious technology is more than just a thermometer that is attached to your smartphone. It doesn't just measure one's temperature, but it can also tell you what you might be potentially suffering from. But make sure also that you have the Kinsa app installed, because the tool and the app need to be associated in order for you to run the smart tool. You just have to simply attach this nifty tool to your phone's headphone jack, stick it either on your armpit or inside your mouth, then let it take care of the rest. But wouldn't that thermometer break, more especially since it has a phone on its end? Actually, it would not break since it is designed for comfort, so it is flexible and thin enough to get you all at ease.

Moreover, there is also a feature called “health weather” that creates a real-time map of human health, which basically scouts the potential illnesses that might be hitting your area. That being said, if many people around your area have been coming down with some sort of illnesses like flu, it's probably what you are suffering from as well. Not to say that you won't need to consult a doctor when you use this tool, but it helps to diagnose what might be triggering your sickness. And when using this tool, you won't have to think hard on when the symptoms began since Kinsa will effortlessly track them for you.

Wouldn't you want your thermometer be smarter as this?

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