Thursday, December 12, 2013

Have a Twisted Christmas with These Apps! [iOS]

Christmas has always been warm and cozy. That's because we need to prevent the winter from getting all of us frrrozen. And so, we find ourselves heating up in front of the fireplace and sipping a cup of nice hot chocolate … and yes, with our loved ones. Hmm. Can we ever get enough of it?

It's nice to have one cozy Christmas, but won't it be better if we're going to have a Christmas with a twist? Not that you're going to spoil someone's Christmas and pull out some pranks, but this time around, your trusty smartphones are involvedor your accomplice in that case. Load them with the right apps and you're good to go. See the list below to have a blast this Christmas season!

#1: Office Jerk Holiday Edition

Do you have someone in your office that is… you know… a bad egg in the society? We never really liked having them, but I guess they exist because they have a purpose. As I've learned from someone, "Even the worst people you know have value. They can teach you how not to act." But, all of us want payback time even once in our entire life. Christmas is a season of forgiveness? Well, why not try Office Jerk Holiday Edition to be your outlet this Christmas? So, since Christmas is the time of year when we usually give gifts, you can give this Office Jerk some surprises you'd definitely love pummeling to him. See if you can wipe the Holiday smirk off his face! Muhaha! [Free on iOS]

#2: Rescue Santa Free

Can you take that those little kids won't have any gifts to receive this coming Christmas? Can you take the look on their faces, the tears in their eyes, and the cookies and milk that were left unmoved? Where is Santa? Apparently, Santa has been abducted by some sort of evil alien! Save the day by shooting down those devil herd reindeers flying up the sky with the Santa Claus. Once you've shot the reindeers all at once, you'll gain extra bonus points. But if you accidentally shot Santa Claus, then your points are definitely bound to decrease. [Free on iOS]

#3: Hungry Santa

Ever wonder how Santa Claus maintains his round figure? Maybe this actually has been the problems of many. But Santa Claus prefers being extra healthy, so being skinny is not in his dictionary. That being said, help Santa regain his figure by feeding him until he gets back to his round shape. Tilt your device in order for Santa to move and get those delicious treats! However, beware of the healthy broccoli. Feed him until you can get the elusive "CRAZY CHOMP"! Do you think he can still get up for the challenge? [Free on iOS]

So, what are you waiting for? Get those smartphones charged up with your portable chargers and make your Christmas warped and merrier with these utterly addictive Christmas apps!

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