Thursday, December 19, 2013

Airplane Mode Can Now Be Just an Option During Flights

Of all handheld devices, I bet there's one gadget that we always keep at hand. And this handset is what we—or most people if not all—deem as the most important thing one should have before he or she goes outdoors. Or, we even take hold of it even while indoors. Do we have the same thing in mind? It's no other than our smarty smartphones.

Photo Credits to Ariel Zambelich/Wired

We've been using it for as long as we can remember—since the innovation of this nifty device. We almost think that we can't live without our phones. At times, this behavior is called somehow as a smartphone addiction. And after that, there goes the birth of a new word known as Nomophobia—the fear of having been disconnected socially, or technically, the psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of mobile contact. Evidently, anxieties cannot just be experienced when you lost your phone. You can experience being a Nomophobic even when your phone's battery just ran out of juice, your phone ran out of credit, or you have no network coverage. And actually, Nomophobia is just an abbreviation that stands for “no-mobile-phone-phobia.”

There have been a lot of things it can do, but surely, it needs a human input to operate in order for it to accomplish the task that is needed to be done; same is true with the other gadgets existing as well. We can use our smartphones in many ways, but we can't actually use it anywhere.  That's why every smartphone features a profile mode in which it can be loud mode, silent mode, or flight mode. This just means that there is always an appropriate mode to every situation in order for the user not to disturb the people surrounding him or her. Or in other cases, we are not allowed to use our smartphones because we might use it in malevolent ways—or using it may wreak havoc. Such places may include banks, schools (especially during exams), on the road, library, and the list goes on.

Some say that you can't use your phone while flying. That's why, before an airplane takes off, a stewardess lays down a few simple ground rules in order to remind the passengers to not use their smartphones until the plane reaches 10,000 feet. It's the reason also why all smartphones have the “Airplane Mode.” As said, cell phone calls can mess with the airplane's navigation system. That's why it's highly prohibited. Also, that's not just the use of it. You can actually use this mode as an alternative to silencing your phone. It saves you from getting woken up in the middle of the night by notifications; it saves your phone's battery juice longer, and you can see your portable chargers later.

But here comes the news flash. FCC or Federal Communications Commission actually decided to officially lift the ban on smartphones in airplanes. Why, you ask? They cited that “there's no technical reason for their use to be impermissible.” They have lifted the ban because that's how the new technology works. It turned the ban to become technically obsolete. So, now you can make or take calls while flying. The question is: “Will you take the Airplane mode of your devices just an option during flights?” 

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