Thursday, December 26, 2013

Want to Have a Smarter Thermometer? Check out Kinsa iPhone Accessory

Because of the blazingly fast advancement of technology, we can now do almost anything with these gadgets by all means with ease and convenience. And I hope you couldn't agree with me more. Just take a look at your handheld devices. Even when they were all just freshly popped from their manufacturers, these seemingly blank canvasses already have something to offer.

And they get more likely functional when you gear them with suitable smartphone accessories, and the functional apps meandering over Apps stores. These functional apps can likely be about entertainment, health, education, and the like. Not wanting to be left out, cell phone accessories have the same categories, too. Most of them are even wearable technologies. Surely, gone are the days when technologies get to be as huge as a room. So, adding up to the pile of awesome tech gadgets, here is yet another health accessory for your trusty iPhone, the Kinsa accessory.

Kinsa, looking closely on the image, looks more likely as a mere thermometer attached to your phone. Well, it serves as a thermometer indeed, considering that it takes your temperature. And why would we want to replace the usual thermometer we have at home with this kind of accessory, you ask? I couldn't blame you on pondering that question, because that was my initial reaction either. But for all you know, this ingenious technology is more than just a thermometer that is attached to your smartphone. It doesn't just measure one's temperature, but it can also tell you what you might be potentially suffering from. But make sure also that you have the Kinsa app installed, because the tool and the app need to be associated in order for you to run the smart tool. You just have to simply attach this nifty tool to your phone's headphone jack, stick it either on your armpit or inside your mouth, then let it take care of the rest. But wouldn't that thermometer break, more especially since it has a phone on its end? Actually, it would not break since it is designed for comfort, so it is flexible and thin enough to get you all at ease.

Moreover, there is also a feature called “health weather” that creates a real-time map of human health, which basically scouts the potential illnesses that might be hitting your area. That being said, if many people around your area have been coming down with some sort of illnesses like flu, it's probably what you are suffering from as well. Not to say that you won't need to consult a doctor when you use this tool, but it helps to diagnose what might be triggering your sickness. And when using this tool, you won't have to think hard on when the symptoms began since Kinsa will effortlessly track them for you.

Wouldn't you want your thermometer be smarter as this?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Airplane Mode Can Now Be Just an Option During Flights

Of all handheld devices, I bet there's one gadget that we always keep at hand. And this handset is what we—or most people if not all—deem as the most important thing one should have before he or she goes outdoors. Or, we even take hold of it even while indoors. Do we have the same thing in mind? It's no other than our smarty smartphones.

Photo Credits to Ariel Zambelich/Wired

We've been using it for as long as we can remember—since the innovation of this nifty device. We almost think that we can't live without our phones. At times, this behavior is called somehow as a smartphone addiction. And after that, there goes the birth of a new word known as Nomophobia—the fear of having been disconnected socially, or technically, the psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of mobile contact. Evidently, anxieties cannot just be experienced when you lost your phone. You can experience being a Nomophobic even when your phone's battery just ran out of juice, your phone ran out of credit, or you have no network coverage. And actually, Nomophobia is just an abbreviation that stands for “no-mobile-phone-phobia.”

There have been a lot of things it can do, but surely, it needs a human input to operate in order for it to accomplish the task that is needed to be done; same is true with the other gadgets existing as well. We can use our smartphones in many ways, but we can't actually use it anywhere.  That's why every smartphone features a profile mode in which it can be loud mode, silent mode, or flight mode. This just means that there is always an appropriate mode to every situation in order for the user not to disturb the people surrounding him or her. Or in other cases, we are not allowed to use our smartphones because we might use it in malevolent ways—or using it may wreak havoc. Such places may include banks, schools (especially during exams), on the road, library, and the list goes on.

Some say that you can't use your phone while flying. That's why, before an airplane takes off, a stewardess lays down a few simple ground rules in order to remind the passengers to not use their smartphones until the plane reaches 10,000 feet. It's the reason also why all smartphones have the “Airplane Mode.” As said, cell phone calls can mess with the airplane's navigation system. That's why it's highly prohibited. Also, that's not just the use of it. You can actually use this mode as an alternative to silencing your phone. It saves you from getting woken up in the middle of the night by notifications; it saves your phone's battery juice longer, and you can see your portable chargers later.

But here comes the news flash. FCC or Federal Communications Commission actually decided to officially lift the ban on smartphones in airplanes. Why, you ask? They cited that “there's no technical reason for their use to be impermissible.” They have lifted the ban because that's how the new technology works. It turned the ban to become technically obsolete. So, now you can make or take calls while flying. The question is: “Will you take the Airplane mode of your devices just an option during flights?” 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Have a Twisted Christmas with These Apps! [iOS]

Christmas has always been warm and cozy. That's because we need to prevent the winter from getting all of us frrrozen. And so, we find ourselves heating up in front of the fireplace and sipping a cup of nice hot chocolate … and yes, with our loved ones. Hmm. Can we ever get enough of it?

It's nice to have one cozy Christmas, but won't it be better if we're going to have a Christmas with a twist? Not that you're going to spoil someone's Christmas and pull out some pranks, but this time around, your trusty smartphones are involvedor your accomplice in that case. Load them with the right apps and you're good to go. See the list below to have a blast this Christmas season!

#1: Office Jerk Holiday Edition

Do you have someone in your office that is… you know… a bad egg in the society? We never really liked having them, but I guess they exist because they have a purpose. As I've learned from someone, "Even the worst people you know have value. They can teach you how not to act." But, all of us want payback time even once in our entire life. Christmas is a season of forgiveness? Well, why not try Office Jerk Holiday Edition to be your outlet this Christmas? So, since Christmas is the time of year when we usually give gifts, you can give this Office Jerk some surprises you'd definitely love pummeling to him. See if you can wipe the Holiday smirk off his face! Muhaha! [Free on iOS]

#2: Rescue Santa Free

Can you take that those little kids won't have any gifts to receive this coming Christmas? Can you take the look on their faces, the tears in their eyes, and the cookies and milk that were left unmoved? Where is Santa? Apparently, Santa has been abducted by some sort of evil alien! Save the day by shooting down those devil herd reindeers flying up the sky with the Santa Claus. Once you've shot the reindeers all at once, you'll gain extra bonus points. But if you accidentally shot Santa Claus, then your points are definitely bound to decrease. [Free on iOS]

#3: Hungry Santa

Ever wonder how Santa Claus maintains his round figure? Maybe this actually has been the problems of many. But Santa Claus prefers being extra healthy, so being skinny is not in his dictionary. That being said, help Santa regain his figure by feeding him until he gets back to his round shape. Tilt your device in order for Santa to move and get those delicious treats! However, beware of the healthy broccoli. Feed him until you can get the elusive "CRAZY CHOMP"! Do you think he can still get up for the challenge? [Free on iOS]

So, what are you waiting for? Get those smartphones charged up with your portable chargers and make your Christmas warped and merrier with these utterly addictive Christmas apps!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Spirit of Nokia is Reincarnated in the Jolla Smartphone

Ever since a promising boom in the smartphone industry was witnessed, many have tried to conceive their own smart device in hopes of making it big against all odds. Some managed to outpace their competitors including the game itself, while there are those that gradually lost the momentum and failed to thrive till they ended up to their demise. And as time passes by, the tech companies leading the smartphone cartel have grown even bigger. The challengers may have been trimmed down to just a few, but the competition has become steeper than ever.

Given this, it’s absolutely insane to go up against these powerhouses; not even Nokia, a game-changer in the mobile phone industry back in the late 20th century till the early 21st century, was able to muster its expertise in stopping the rise of Apple and Samsung in their quest to greatness. And speaking of Nokia, its recent measure to sell its mobile phone division to Microsoft has warranted big changes within the company. And this is what led a team of former Nokia employees to come up with a smartphone in the name of Jolla.

The handset is unlike any other because it has its own operating system called the Sailfish OS. This might be a perfect alternative for mobile users who are fed up with the dominance of Android and iOS. The look of the Jolla smartphone is dense and compact, similar to the mainstream smartphones on the market. Additionally, the device is devoid of any physical buttons, giving its exterior a clean, minimalist appearance.

Going further, let’s head to what the said smartphone is all about—its specs. It has an Ample 4.5-inch IPS qHD display with Gorilla 2 Glass, capable of 5-point multi-touch. It is integrated with an 8-megapixel camera at its rear with LED flash and a 2-megapixal front-facing camera. It runs on a 1.4GHz dual-core processor from Qualcomm and 1GB of RAM. The same as most smartphones, it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, LTE support, and NFC.

The relatively new OS won’t pose an issue on the availability of apps that can be downloaded in the phone, for it can support Android apps. It may just have a 16GB internal storage space to house the apps that you opt to download, but it features a microSD card slot underneath its rear cover to add some more storage space. The team has come up with the ‘other half’ feature, wherein you can replace the dorsal portion of the phone, and you can be able to integrate more features for your device.

This emerging smartphone brand shows great promise. It possesses its own uniqueness that makes it stand out among others. With the expertise and experience of the former Nokia engineers, you’ll be assured that the device they have conceived is something worth your money that retails at €399. It may have its own set of flaws, but this atypical handset will surely bring a brand new spark in the smartphone industry.