Friday, November 22, 2013

Users of Samsung Galaxy Note Series Wouldn’t Want to Miss These Apps

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note series heated up, people just keep crazing about… the phone? Tablet? Ah! Phablet series. Whether it is Galaxy Note 1, 2, or even the latest Note 3, you will never get bored of swiping, toggling, and tapping on its screen, since each Note device produces an element of surprise.

People just can’t stop themselves from loving the Note series. Note series were all popular with their S Pen concept; why not make use of it? And how could they even hate them especially if they are loaded with awesome apps that “abuse” the S Pen? Without further ado, let’s hit the list of these smarty apps for your smarty smartphone? Tablet? Er, phablet:

#1: Drawing Cartoons

Do you have soft spots on drawing or sketching? I’m sure you did your best to make it more lively, but somehow, drawings can only tell a portion of the story. But what if you can animate your drawing in just a single touch? By then, you can become a filmmaker in no time since Drawing Cartoons app allows you to create your own cartoon movies. It’s even needless for you to draw every frame since this app amazingly allows you to draw keyframes only. No need for so much bustles as well, since intermediate frames are already built automatically! What’s not to like? Animate by just operating the hinges of your character, and there you have it, your first drawing animation with your S Pen.

#2: MyRealFont Lite

Have you always wondered how those seemingly handwritten fonts, yet uniformed, were produced? It’s even cooler to read since handwritten letters are more appreciated these days than printed once. As you know, you can express more your feelings with writing with your bare hands and a pen—of course, on paper. Thanks to MyRealFont Lite and your S Pen, you can now create your own font with your handwriting style! Personalize every letter with your own font style with MyRealFont Lite!

#3: TouchRetouch Free

Do you want to tweak your dull photo? Let the award-winning photo editor, TouchRetouch Free, do the retouch to make the picture vividly alive for you! You can even remove unwanted content or objects from your photo with the help of S Pen technology. How, you ask? With your S Pen, mark the object that you want to be deleted. After marking the object, hit ‘Go’, and voila! You have already removed the unwanted object on your picture. It’s as simple as that. Photo editing has never indeed been so quick, easy, and convenient until TouchRetouch Free app was developed. With this app, photo-bombers will definitely be out of the picture forever! Whether you are removing a pimple or a photo-bomber, TouchRetouch Free app is definitely one of the best photo editing apps ever made!

Aren’t S Pens wonderful? Talk about these apps that are beyond amazing! Although it’s advisable to keep your phone protected with screen protector, since these apps are utterly addictive, and you might not stop poking your Note’s precious screen!

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