Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

First off, what would be the perks of using noise cancelling headphones when in-ear headphones, earphones—or whatever you call them—can serve their purpose? You can’t even say anything about their portability since you can just pull all the wires together, and roll it. Okay, having tangled wires can be a handful, but there have been solutions created just to prevent the pain from detangling your earphone wires.

Now, you might ask: what’s wrong with them? Let me give you a situation. Have you been into a concert—or a party—that got so loud, and you can’t hear even the person next to you? All you hear is what? Or did you have the habit of listening to music with your mobile earphones even on loud places? You’ll never hear the song if it’s just on average volume, so you’ll definitely have to raise the volume up to its maximum, won’t you? What we don’t realize, we’re already sparking the danger of having NIHL (Noise-induced hearing loss). What’s more alarming with this is that its effect is quickly growing. And one of the best ways to prevent NIHL is using noise cancelling headphones. In this way, you won’t need to raise the volume of the music while in loud places since the headphones can totally cancel the outside noise. Now, you can even have privacy from passers-by and can keep the volume low so as to lessen the repercussion that noise and earphones inflict. Let’s cut to the chase and hear what these top 3 noise cancelling headphones can offer:

#1: Beats by Dre Studio 2013

It’s in the name of the headphones… who can beat the Beats? This pair of headphones has a strong brand recall with the “b” logo, and it comes in black, white, and red. You think it ranks down with portability? Think again. Now, it has a neat folding system that even gives no room for sharp edges so you won’t be ripping your bag with it. The battery life can even last up to 20 hours, and it has call controls. Apart from it giving an enhanced digital listening, the punchy design makes the splurge all worth it. [£269]

#2: PSB M4U2

Now, let me rephrase the first two sentences with that of beats: can the Beats beat this? This pair of headphones offers the best sound that will make this for all audiophiles a must-have. This pair of headphones that is powered by AAA batteries to function can even function as an amplifier since you can turn the noise cancellation off. You must try it for yourself to know why it’s the best ‘big’ noise cancelling headphones around. [£299]

#3: Bose QC15

This may lack the excitement of rivals since it’s not that ideal for louder music, but this has been one of the oldest models on test, so it shouldn’t be that bad. These Bose headphones are real lightweight regardless of their spacious cups, and it has a good noise blocking. With this pair of headphones being powered by a single AAA battery, having a rechargeable battery system is a plus indeed. Other than that, it is certainly ideal for acoustic music, especially in not so crowded areas.

What’s up with the noise? Cancel them and be at peace with these headphones that you’re surely going to love! If you were anything like me, I will surely load my smartphone with all my favorite tracks!

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