Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gadget (Ab)user: Could We Hate You More?

Stop for a while, take a minute to look at your gadgets, and think of what else you are going to do if at that moment you are not tapping away on each screen of these nifty devices. Could you think of anything else to do?

I guess you can resume all your works, clean the house, go out and simply talk to your friends, or even have a movie marathon and catch up with what’s new in the sphere. And because we have been so engrossed with all the features of our smartphones, tablets, and *insert all neat gizmos here*, little do we know that we have been creating our pet peeves.

What do you call yourself, gadget user or gadget abuser? Check out the list below in which I pinpoint the annoying tech habits that you might not be aware of—and hopefully, you will get rid of.

#1: Bigger Piece Blocker

Say like you are in a concert. Of course, you want to capture every moment of your favorite band rocking on the stage now that you are there. Evidently, it’s for you to have something to keep in the memory lane. Okay, we get that, but get this: you are not the only person watching on that place. Or perhaps you are in the VIP seat. It doesn’t mean that you have the right to block the view of others as you take photos or videos with your tablet. When you know that you are going to take a picture on a concert or even scooping for a disaster, make your snapping gadget tinier so that you are not blocking other people’s view. You’d be miffed if your view has been blocked when someone just stood up, how much more would the others feel if you’ve been blocking the view with your tablet the whole time?

#2: Walking and Texting Simultaneously

Driving while texting (or just merely using your phone) has already been banned in a lot of states; would you still wait until they prohibit walking while texting? Actually, you should stop walking once you are distracted by your gadgets since it may cost your life. You could even die with just reading the simple “K.” and bam! The best thing to do if you must read and reply to a message is to stop for a while so as to not disturb others and tap it all away with all your heart’s content—no one then will be bothered to have to look after your safety. And I can’t stress this enough; your text message can wait.

#3: Stopping Inappropriately

Well, yeah, thank you for stopping to resume your text. But, care to stop in an appropriate way? Perhaps when you stop, be considerate enough with the people behind you. Say like you are in the pedestrian crossing. You’ll definitely leave the people behind you all filled with discomfiture if you stop abruptly. Could you kindly get out of the way, and if you must stop, move at the side where people won’t be blocked? Always—I repeat—always stretch your consideration to people. It’s the least thing you can do.

#4: Playing Music with Speakers on a Public Place

Bear this in mind: there are people that prefer to be in a quiet place. Yeah, we know how much craze your favorite artist’s latest album had reached, but it’s never appropriate for you to play it with mini speakers to the masses in public. This is where a pair of mobile earphones gets handy. If you really want to listen, just plug them in so you won’t get the stare of death from people around you.

So, let me raise the question again: are you a gadget user or a gadget abuser?

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