Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fresh Apps for Your Smartphones and Tablets [November 2013]

Tired of relentlessly using your old installed apps? Perhaps you are on the hunt for something new for your phone and tablet to taste. So, get hyped up and get your fingers all prepped up to the apps that have been freshly popped this November!

And so, free up some space on your tablet, or buy a smartphone or tablet with a great capacity, because these are the apps worth looking forward to. Keep yourself amused and kick the word “boredom” away. And let’s hit the list below to start the day:

#1: QuizUp

Do you want to start your day with a challenge? Rub off the quizzical look on thinking where to look for one great trivial game, and download the QuizUp app that lets you choose over 250 topics and over 150,000 questions to play! You’ll definitely love to drop in for a few questions just to kill the minutes. It’s indeed the ultimate battle of wits. You can even challenge your friends and connect with others around the sphere as QuizUp is the largest real-time trivia game ever. Do you have the wits? Let the QuizUp quench your thirst for questions! Beware: this game is utterly addictive! [Free on iOS]

#2: Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Have you always been an avid fan of Star Wars? And also, are you a sucker for the Tiny Tower game? All the excitement are now mashed-up to one as the makers of the Tiny Tower game, LucasArts, creates an app we all Star Wars fanatics are going to love as the action now revolves around a Death Star! So, all you have to do is to help the Emperor Palpatine to create the biggest Death Star space station possible level by level. And yes, you are going to live life on the dark side this time around. [Free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone]

#3: Clique

Viddy created a Video-sharing app. Now, the question is: does it have anything to say with the big boys like Vine and Instagram? Luckily, though admittedly it had a serious struggle, there is now are reason for their app Clique to boss around. Now, photo sharing comes with a twist. When you are using this app, you can actually send or share a photo with your friends… like, hey, anything new with that? This time around, you can send those photos anonymously. Now, keep your photos very well, or your friends might create a prank for you! And you then have to guess who sent you that picture-made-funnier shot with its stickers! [Free on iOS]

#4: Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Okay, here’s another training app to pile on the health and fitness section, the Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout. But, does it have anything new to bring in the table? It surely does. Nowadays, we ditch the idea of having a personal trainer, but this app lets you get the idea back from the bin as this app is by far the closest thing on actually having a real personal trainer. So, if you want Daniel or Angie to guide you through your workout, it’s your call. It allows you to create your own training routine that you can adjust according to the difficulty depending on your liking down on the settings. Stay fit and healthy with this personal handy trainer! [Free on iOS and Android]

Are you now packed with these fresh awesome apps? Pack your portable chargers with you also, and knock yourself out with the latest apps this November! 

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