Thursday, November 28, 2013

Can Your Phone Multitask like This?

There have been a lot of phones that have battled for their smartness. And on choosing the best smartphone that would cater to your needs, there are a lot of factors to be considered, may it be about platforms, aesthetics, sturdiness, best camera shooter, responsiveness, and the list goes on. And I can’t stress this enough; one of the smartphones that gets the throne of multitasking is Google’s Android.

Well, I’m pretty sure they are what they boast they are, but one would totally be hard-pressed to prove if their Android phones could really do multitasking—especially if they are not using the right apps. Having known of Android smartphones for having great screens as well, it’s evident that they are making room for multitasking, so why not make use of it? Get the best of your phone’s multitasking feature with these floating apps for your Android phones. Yes, floating apps. That means you won’t have to close down a window just to open another. Resize or drag them to your liking, or perhaps switch to another. These apps know what “true” multitasking is. Let’s hit the list below:

#1: GPlayer

Listening to tracks using your phone’s music player while in the middle of something with your phonebe it browsing or texting—has been satisfying a lot of people. And that definitely includes me. But when it’s time to watch a two-minute video clip, it brings a bit of inconvenience since you have to close all the windows you are at just to play this video. Do you want to be wise? Finish first where you’re at and then jump to the video. Not so multitasking after all, huh? But thanks to Google’s GPlayer, you can just pop a window up to play a clip in a jiffy. You never have to close the other windows as you can maximize the use of your large screen. Moreover, you can also browse and play a video straight from YouTube. Who wouldn't enjoy plugging their mobile earphones while using this app, and getting the best of their phone’s multitasking feature? [Free on Android]

#2: Floating Browser
What can a smartphone do? Aside from sending/receiving text messages, making/taking calls, and playing music, perhaps browsing is one of the activities that have been eating your time. And so, it’s crucial to keep the tabs open when you need them. And since we can browse a video from YouTube through GPlayer app, wouldn't it be better if we could browse straight from the browser by just popping up a window as well? Actually, someone had already thought of that. And now, Floating Browser app is at your service. Yeah, well, it’s not a news with that of Note II’s floating browser already, but this app can boast features that the Note II’s floating browser doesn't have. Aside from it being drag-able and resizable, you can actually dock it on your status bar notification so you can reopen it anytime. Getting miffed with all the meandering ads? You’d be glad to know that this app is actually ad-free. [Free on Android]

#3: Tiny Apps lite (floating)

Floating player? Check! Floating browser? Check! Floating apps? … Well, of course, to get the best of multitasking feature of your phone, you must prove it with the apps you can use all at once. Do you remember how big your screen is? Tiny Apps lite (floating) app can actually maximize your screens more as it resizes the apps you open to fit on your phone’s display. Apparently, that’s when you purchase the paid version. Nonetheless, the free version offers five apps that are actually useful. And these are: Paint, Sound Recorder, Music Player, Notes, and a Calculator. [Free on Android]

Aren't these floating apps worth giving a spin? I bet the multitasking feature of your phone hasn't even pushed through the limits yet. Friendly advice: We all know that the more we maximize our gadget’s potential, the more we drain the batteries. So, get your portable chargers with you at all times, and get started with these apps!

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