Thursday, November 28, 2013

Can Your Phone Multitask like This?

There have been a lot of phones that have battled for their smartness. And on choosing the best smartphone that would cater to your needs, there are a lot of factors to be considered, may it be about platforms, aesthetics, sturdiness, best camera shooter, responsiveness, and the list goes on. And I can’t stress this enough; one of the smartphones that gets the throne of multitasking is Google’s Android.

Well, I’m pretty sure they are what they boast they are, but one would totally be hard-pressed to prove if their Android phones could really do multitasking—especially if they are not using the right apps. Having known of Android smartphones for having great screens as well, it’s evident that they are making room for multitasking, so why not make use of it? Get the best of your phone’s multitasking feature with these floating apps for your Android phones. Yes, floating apps. That means you won’t have to close down a window just to open another. Resize or drag them to your liking, or perhaps switch to another. These apps know what “true” multitasking is. Let’s hit the list below:

#1: GPlayer

Listening to tracks using your phone’s music player while in the middle of something with your phonebe it browsing or texting—has been satisfying a lot of people. And that definitely includes me. But when it’s time to watch a two-minute video clip, it brings a bit of inconvenience since you have to close all the windows you are at just to play this video. Do you want to be wise? Finish first where you’re at and then jump to the video. Not so multitasking after all, huh? But thanks to Google’s GPlayer, you can just pop a window up to play a clip in a jiffy. You never have to close the other windows as you can maximize the use of your large screen. Moreover, you can also browse and play a video straight from YouTube. Who wouldn't enjoy plugging their mobile earphones while using this app, and getting the best of their phone’s multitasking feature? [Free on Android]

#2: Floating Browser
What can a smartphone do? Aside from sending/receiving text messages, making/taking calls, and playing music, perhaps browsing is one of the activities that have been eating your time. And so, it’s crucial to keep the tabs open when you need them. And since we can browse a video from YouTube through GPlayer app, wouldn't it be better if we could browse straight from the browser by just popping up a window as well? Actually, someone had already thought of that. And now, Floating Browser app is at your service. Yeah, well, it’s not a news with that of Note II’s floating browser already, but this app can boast features that the Note II’s floating browser doesn't have. Aside from it being drag-able and resizable, you can actually dock it on your status bar notification so you can reopen it anytime. Getting miffed with all the meandering ads? You’d be glad to know that this app is actually ad-free. [Free on Android]

#3: Tiny Apps lite (floating)

Floating player? Check! Floating browser? Check! Floating apps? … Well, of course, to get the best of multitasking feature of your phone, you must prove it with the apps you can use all at once. Do you remember how big your screen is? Tiny Apps lite (floating) app can actually maximize your screens more as it resizes the apps you open to fit on your phone’s display. Apparently, that’s when you purchase the paid version. Nonetheless, the free version offers five apps that are actually useful. And these are: Paint, Sound Recorder, Music Player, Notes, and a Calculator. [Free on Android]

Aren't these floating apps worth giving a spin? I bet the multitasking feature of your phone hasn't even pushed through the limits yet. Friendly advice: We all know that the more we maximize our gadget’s potential, the more we drain the batteries. So, get your portable chargers with you at all times, and get started with these apps!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

First off, what would be the perks of using noise cancelling headphones when in-ear headphones, earphones—or whatever you call them—can serve their purpose? You can’t even say anything about their portability since you can just pull all the wires together, and roll it. Okay, having tangled wires can be a handful, but there have been solutions created just to prevent the pain from detangling your earphone wires.

Now, you might ask: what’s wrong with them? Let me give you a situation. Have you been into a concert—or a party—that got so loud, and you can’t hear even the person next to you? All you hear is what? Or did you have the habit of listening to music with your mobile earphones even on loud places? You’ll never hear the song if it’s just on average volume, so you’ll definitely have to raise the volume up to its maximum, won’t you? What we don’t realize, we’re already sparking the danger of having NIHL (Noise-induced hearing loss). What’s more alarming with this is that its effect is quickly growing. And one of the best ways to prevent NIHL is using noise cancelling headphones. In this way, you won’t need to raise the volume of the music while in loud places since the headphones can totally cancel the outside noise. Now, you can even have privacy from passers-by and can keep the volume low so as to lessen the repercussion that noise and earphones inflict. Let’s cut to the chase and hear what these top 3 noise cancelling headphones can offer:

#1: Beats by Dre Studio 2013

It’s in the name of the headphones… who can beat the Beats? This pair of headphones has a strong brand recall with the “b” logo, and it comes in black, white, and red. You think it ranks down with portability? Think again. Now, it has a neat folding system that even gives no room for sharp edges so you won’t be ripping your bag with it. The battery life can even last up to 20 hours, and it has call controls. Apart from it giving an enhanced digital listening, the punchy design makes the splurge all worth it. [£269]

#2: PSB M4U2

Now, let me rephrase the first two sentences with that of beats: can the Beats beat this? This pair of headphones offers the best sound that will make this for all audiophiles a must-have. This pair of headphones that is powered by AAA batteries to function can even function as an amplifier since you can turn the noise cancellation off. You must try it for yourself to know why it’s the best ‘big’ noise cancelling headphones around. [£299]

#3: Bose QC15

This may lack the excitement of rivals since it’s not that ideal for louder music, but this has been one of the oldest models on test, so it shouldn’t be that bad. These Bose headphones are real lightweight regardless of their spacious cups, and it has a good noise blocking. With this pair of headphones being powered by a single AAA battery, having a rechargeable battery system is a plus indeed. Other than that, it is certainly ideal for acoustic music, especially in not so crowded areas.

What’s up with the noise? Cancel them and be at peace with these headphones that you’re surely going to love! If you were anything like me, I will surely load my smartphone with all my favorite tracks!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fresh Apps for Your Smartphones and Tablets [November 2013]

Tired of relentlessly using your old installed apps? Perhaps you are on the hunt for something new for your phone and tablet to taste. So, get hyped up and get your fingers all prepped up to the apps that have been freshly popped this November!

And so, free up some space on your tablet, or buy a smartphone or tablet with a great capacity, because these are the apps worth looking forward to. Keep yourself amused and kick the word “boredom” away. And let’s hit the list below to start the day:

#1: QuizUp

Do you want to start your day with a challenge? Rub off the quizzical look on thinking where to look for one great trivial game, and download the QuizUp app that lets you choose over 250 topics and over 150,000 questions to play! You’ll definitely love to drop in for a few questions just to kill the minutes. It’s indeed the ultimate battle of wits. You can even challenge your friends and connect with others around the sphere as QuizUp is the largest real-time trivia game ever. Do you have the wits? Let the QuizUp quench your thirst for questions! Beware: this game is utterly addictive! [Free on iOS]

#2: Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Have you always been an avid fan of Star Wars? And also, are you a sucker for the Tiny Tower game? All the excitement are now mashed-up to one as the makers of the Tiny Tower game, LucasArts, creates an app we all Star Wars fanatics are going to love as the action now revolves around a Death Star! So, all you have to do is to help the Emperor Palpatine to create the biggest Death Star space station possible level by level. And yes, you are going to live life on the dark side this time around. [Free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone]

#3: Clique

Viddy created a Video-sharing app. Now, the question is: does it have anything to say with the big boys like Vine and Instagram? Luckily, though admittedly it had a serious struggle, there is now are reason for their app Clique to boss around. Now, photo sharing comes with a twist. When you are using this app, you can actually send or share a photo with your friends… like, hey, anything new with that? This time around, you can send those photos anonymously. Now, keep your photos very well, or your friends might create a prank for you! And you then have to guess who sent you that picture-made-funnier shot with its stickers! [Free on iOS]

#4: Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Okay, here’s another training app to pile on the health and fitness section, the Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout. But, does it have anything new to bring in the table? It surely does. Nowadays, we ditch the idea of having a personal trainer, but this app lets you get the idea back from the bin as this app is by far the closest thing on actually having a real personal trainer. So, if you want Daniel or Angie to guide you through your workout, it’s your call. It allows you to create your own training routine that you can adjust according to the difficulty depending on your liking down on the settings. Stay fit and healthy with this personal handy trainer! [Free on iOS and Android]

Are you now packed with these fresh awesome apps? Pack your portable chargers with you also, and knock yourself out with the latest apps this November! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Users of Samsung Galaxy Note Series Wouldn’t Want to Miss These Apps

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note series heated up, people just keep crazing about… the phone? Tablet? Ah! Phablet series. Whether it is Galaxy Note 1, 2, or even the latest Note 3, you will never get bored of swiping, toggling, and tapping on its screen, since each Note device produces an element of surprise.

People just can’t stop themselves from loving the Note series. Note series were all popular with their S Pen concept; why not make use of it? And how could they even hate them especially if they are loaded with awesome apps that “abuse” the S Pen? Without further ado, let’s hit the list of these smarty apps for your smarty smartphone? Tablet? Er, phablet:

#1: Drawing Cartoons

Do you have soft spots on drawing or sketching? I’m sure you did your best to make it more lively, but somehow, drawings can only tell a portion of the story. But what if you can animate your drawing in just a single touch? By then, you can become a filmmaker in no time since Drawing Cartoons app allows you to create your own cartoon movies. It’s even needless for you to draw every frame since this app amazingly allows you to draw keyframes only. No need for so much bustles as well, since intermediate frames are already built automatically! What’s not to like? Animate by just operating the hinges of your character, and there you have it, your first drawing animation with your S Pen.

#2: MyRealFont Lite

Have you always wondered how those seemingly handwritten fonts, yet uniformed, were produced? It’s even cooler to read since handwritten letters are more appreciated these days than printed once. As you know, you can express more your feelings with writing with your bare hands and a pen—of course, on paper. Thanks to MyRealFont Lite and your S Pen, you can now create your own font with your handwriting style! Personalize every letter with your own font style with MyRealFont Lite!

#3: TouchRetouch Free

Do you want to tweak your dull photo? Let the award-winning photo editor, TouchRetouch Free, do the retouch to make the picture vividly alive for you! You can even remove unwanted content or objects from your photo with the help of S Pen technology. How, you ask? With your S Pen, mark the object that you want to be deleted. After marking the object, hit ‘Go’, and voila! You have already removed the unwanted object on your picture. It’s as simple as that. Photo editing has never indeed been so quick, easy, and convenient until TouchRetouch Free app was developed. With this app, photo-bombers will definitely be out of the picture forever! Whether you are removing a pimple or a photo-bomber, TouchRetouch Free app is definitely one of the best photo editing apps ever made!

Aren’t S Pens wonderful? Talk about these apps that are beyond amazing! Although it’s advisable to keep your phone protected with screen protector, since these apps are utterly addictive, and you might not stop poking your Note’s precious screen!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top 3 Android Smartphones Available in the Shelves

So, your trusty phone has retired. Do you have any choice rather than replacing it? Kissing our old pals goodbye would be one of the hardest things in life, especially when you have shared a lot of things together. Yeah, let’s cut the drama. We all know no gadgets are going to last. If we can’t fix them, we can replace them. After all, that’s how the cycle goes. So, if you've been patronizing Android smartphones ever since, I’d say tasting the new flavor of the cutting edge gadgets is but a daring step since a lot of factors are involved. You have to see the bigger picture in order for you to find which one you are really going to fish out of your pocket to get you through with everyday activities. But if you've been using perhaps an iPhone or *insert whatever mobile phone you have been using here*, might as well choose Android for a change. Trying something new wouldn't hurt that much, I guess.

So, if you are on the hunt for tiptop smartphones available in the tech giant’s shelves, without further ado, let’s hit the list below:

#1: HTC One

Ever thought of why I enlisted HTC One first on the list? It’s evident in the name itself—ONE. If you are looking for a sturdy smartphone, then HTC One could satisfy your cravings with its well-built, aluminum-clad. Although, not to say that the design would be ideal for all Android users, but it’s a proof that Android phones can have a sturdy aluminum feel rather than sticking to Sammy’s plastic form factor. Moreover, it has a multiple carrier. HTC One starts retails at $199.99 with contract.

#2: Samsung Galaxy S4

If you are looking for a heap of features on a smartphone or in other words, looking for a genius phone, then I would offer Samsung Galaxy S4 right off the bat. It runs Android 4.2.2 Jellybean—although it’s not the latest platform of Android, still works at its best. If you have loved its predecessor S3, you’re going to love the Galaxy S4 even more. Although its plastic-build is yet again something to complain about, still it’s one of the best phones existing as your eyes couldn't get any spoiled with the display. Again, it is offered on multiple carriers and its cost starts at $199.99 with contract.

#3: LG G2

Tired of your Android phone’s battery life dying out after just a few hours of rocking? LG G2, regardless of how big its screen is, has an excellent battery to flaunt even if you pair it up with multi-tasking. This 5.2-incher may be the latest Android-powered superphone to date, but bugs would always find their way to resurface, and they may get you a bit miffed. Not to mention, the voice quality of LG G2 is a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, you’ll love how its powerful battery supports its super-fast processor.

I’d like to put some more phones on the list, but I’d like to shorten this article as well. Now, once you've chosen which phone you are going to buy, prep yourself up with mobile phone accessories to cater your needs.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Do You Ever Clean Your Phone?

The moment we wake up from our hopefully peaceful sleep, we pick ourselves up aviated to do our daily routines. And what are those routines, you ask? Rubbing our eyes, washing our face, brushing our teeth, taking a bath, and… need I say more? We attend to our personal needs, and that is taking care of our personal hygiene.

How much do we value it? So much that we have to do it constantly. Because if we don’t, the bitter medicines will let us know how much our taste buds will (blech!) suffer—apart from feeling nauseated, outright uncomfortable, and not to mention having headaches, body aches and whatnots.

So let’s have a reality check:

Personal Hygiene: Check; Mobile Phone Hygiene: Che—wait, what?

Raising the question and the subject again, do you ever clean your phone? If not, let me share some fun facts about your smartphones. Let’s put it this way. As we all know, our pair of hands is but one of the parts of our body that could get the dirtiest since we touch anything we could. Of course, we could wash our hands regularly, but let’s not drift our thoughts away on how much we keep touching our phones. Yes, you wash your hands. But, do you wash your handy smartphones?

Did you know how dirty a cell phone is? This nifty handheld device, for all you know, is downright filthy, and it’s not even hard to see why since it is right on the name itself. Handheld—meaning, we always touch our phones most of the time. And where do we place our hands when we are not holding our phones? You place your hands anywhere else where you are unsure of their cleanliness—places where germs are spotted but are unseen by the naked eye. And knowing us, humans, we just can’t handle or we can’t be at ease when we are not tethered on our phones. With that being said, don’t be surprised if you find out that your phone is dirtier than your toilet seat. As studies show, your phone—if not cleaned regularly—will likely contain fecal matter. To spit the numbers out, our phones have 18x more harmful bacteria than that of public restroom handles. Good luck on pressing that against your cheek! Yes, buying them screen protectors can somehow prevent your screen from all the scuffs and smudges, but that’s only digging up the surface—it can’t protect you from all sorts of nasty illnesses like flu, diarrhea, and the list goes on.

Also, the fact that your phone is warm makes matters worse. How, you ask? Well, warmth breeds bacteria. Plus, we keep our phones in warm places like jeans pockets, bags, and anywhere else that can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

And since we don’t wash our phones, even if we use the nicest sanitizer there is for our hands, touch the phone and touch the food; it’s better to just lick the toilet.

Does this revelation rendering you sick? Well, perhaps this has been one of the old news already. But let me ask you just when did you last clean your phone? We all know that cleaning your phones is not as easy as washing your hands, but there are still ways on how to prevent those bacteria from breeding on your phone. However, some mobile companies prohibit the use of household cleaners, aerosol sprays, alcohol, solvents, or abrasive, since they may damage the phone. Nonetheless, we can use wipes at least or get some of those tech cleaners that are intended for phones.

Once again, do you ever clean your phone?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gadget (Ab)user: Could We Hate You More?

Stop for a while, take a minute to look at your gadgets, and think of what else you are going to do if at that moment you are not tapping away on each screen of these nifty devices. Could you think of anything else to do?

I guess you can resume all your works, clean the house, go out and simply talk to your friends, or even have a movie marathon and catch up with what’s new in the sphere. And because we have been so engrossed with all the features of our smartphones, tablets, and *insert all neat gizmos here*, little do we know that we have been creating our pet peeves.

What do you call yourself, gadget user or gadget abuser? Check out the list below in which I pinpoint the annoying tech habits that you might not be aware of—and hopefully, you will get rid of.

#1: Bigger Piece Blocker

Say like you are in a concert. Of course, you want to capture every moment of your favorite band rocking on the stage now that you are there. Evidently, it’s for you to have something to keep in the memory lane. Okay, we get that, but get this: you are not the only person watching on that place. Or perhaps you are in the VIP seat. It doesn’t mean that you have the right to block the view of others as you take photos or videos with your tablet. When you know that you are going to take a picture on a concert or even scooping for a disaster, make your snapping gadget tinier so that you are not blocking other people’s view. You’d be miffed if your view has been blocked when someone just stood up, how much more would the others feel if you’ve been blocking the view with your tablet the whole time?

#2: Walking and Texting Simultaneously

Driving while texting (or just merely using your phone) has already been banned in a lot of states; would you still wait until they prohibit walking while texting? Actually, you should stop walking once you are distracted by your gadgets since it may cost your life. You could even die with just reading the simple “K.” and bam! The best thing to do if you must read and reply to a message is to stop for a while so as to not disturb others and tap it all away with all your heart’s content—no one then will be bothered to have to look after your safety. And I can’t stress this enough; your text message can wait.

#3: Stopping Inappropriately

Well, yeah, thank you for stopping to resume your text. But, care to stop in an appropriate way? Perhaps when you stop, be considerate enough with the people behind you. Say like you are in the pedestrian crossing. You’ll definitely leave the people behind you all filled with discomfiture if you stop abruptly. Could you kindly get out of the way, and if you must stop, move at the side where people won’t be blocked? Always—I repeat—always stretch your consideration to people. It’s the least thing you can do.

#4: Playing Music with Speakers on a Public Place

Bear this in mind: there are people that prefer to be in a quiet place. Yeah, we know how much craze your favorite artist’s latest album had reached, but it’s never appropriate for you to play it with mini speakers to the masses in public. This is where a pair of mobile earphones gets handy. If you really want to listen, just plug them in so you won’t get the stare of death from people around you.

So, let me raise the question again: are you a gadget user or a gadget abuser?