Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Prevent Your Twitter Account from Being Hacked

Do you hear that? Almost every netizen is talki… wait—tweeting about *insert whatever hashtagged trending here*! Yes, if you don’t have a twitter account, then you’ll probably be the last to know on what’s going on. The hottest issues can be as cold as dead ones to you. Although not to say that only the big social site, twitter, can give you the latest and hottest issues, but it is one of the easiest ways to share in a heartbeat what’s happening right off the bat. What do you say, tweeps?

One does not simply close their cool cell phone covers without tweeting about something. But, let’s not drift our thoughts away from people who have… you know, malicious intentions on pulling us down. What if accidentally—or in most cases, intentionally—someone got a hold of your Twitter account credentials? Can you even imagine what horrible things could happen? At best, it will confuse or otherwise annoy your followers; at worst that you can imagine, your account may be used to spread malwares. So, going back to the main topic, how are we supposed to prevent our twitter from being hacked? Don’t tell anyone your credentials? Honey, there are already some tricks that can get all your credentials in a jiffy. Well, the best answer yet would be using the two-factor authentication for your Twitter account.

Two-factor authentication—or hashtag “login verification”—can keep your Twitter account secured. How, you ask? Well, it basically adds additional layer of security, by which you have to enter a single-use security code upon entering your credentials, as you try to log in to your account. Single-use? You've read that right. The codes that are being sent can only be used once. But where would you get the security code? The security code will be sent to you through a text message or via an official Twitter smartphone app. And so, if someone tries to hack your Twitter, they must take your smartphone as well. But seriously, would anyone go that far just to sabotage your Twitter account?

So, if you want to secure your Twitter account just in case someone got your account’s credentials, then protect your phone by following the setup for Two-factor authentication:

#1: Getting security code through text messages

Like I have mentioned, @two-factor can offer two types of sending verification codes. One is through text messages, and the other is through the app. So, if you want to get the code through text messages, here’s the quick guide:
Steps: Login to your Twitter account > click the Settings (gear icon) > select Security and Privacy > Security > look for Login Verification > Select login verification requests to my phone.
Twitter then will send you a message, and will prompt you if you have received it. Follow the succeeding instructions asked and press Save Changes.
Now, if you did not succeed, perhaps your phone number wasn't yet registered. Follow these steps to add your phone number to your account:
Steps: select Mobile > Choose Country > Enter Phone number > press Activate phone.
Once you have entered your number, you may now set up the two-factor authentication. This will do the trick for getting verification code via text message.

#2: Getting verification codes through smartphone app

Why would you even have an app if you can just receive it through a text message? Well, for all you know, getting verification codes via text messages can only be great if you are subscribed in an unlimited text messaging plan. But if you’re not, then your best solution at hand would be having an app dedicated for receiving your verification codes. Now, do you have your Twitter app installed on your phone? Great! If not, you can download it on you designated apps store. Here is a quick guide to set it up:
Steps: Log in to your account > tap Me button > click the Settings (as usual, the gear icon) > toggle the Login verification slider > tap Confirm if you agree of using this phone to receive the codes.
The login verification will now be activated, and you have to keep your phone with you at all times if you want to log in to your Twitter account.

 Do you think it stops there? Not so fast. Two-factor authentication is smart enough to think about your phone having … at worst, pilfered. So, there’s a backup code if everything else fails. Be sure not to save this on your mobile phone or you can tweet your Twitter account goodbye. Oh, wait. You can’t tweet at all, then. Hah! Just key the codes in so you can log in to your Twitter account once again. Happy tweeting!

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