Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Comes Next After a Flexible Screen?

Have you noticed how the companies in the mobile industry continue to widen their flagships’ screens with every launch? And as the screen of each flagship widens, the lead ships also get thinner. That’s because trimming off the gizmos’ thickness would probably be indemnified for portability, and that these nifty gadgets should embody what they really are named: handheld devices.

But as nifty smartphones and tablets get thinner, evidently, they are more prone to… let’s say put that sleek gadget inside your denim’s back pocket and sit anywhere… and let’s wait for the for the sounding crackles of every bit and piece of your pho—and it’s gone. You see, with that kind of wide screen space, the concrete ground would really feast if they can get a kiss from it.

Eyes away from the cracking screen and stare with LG’s flexible OLED and shatter-resistant screen! This technology has been hitting the headlines because of its incredible feature: the bendable display. Well, it just shows that there would be no need at all for flexible screen protectors. Although Samsung was the first to announce a bendable display named Youm, they are still unable to tell on when their bendable tech will be available on the market.

Now that LG has stolen the limelight from Samsung with its bendable and roll-able OLED display, they were looking into producing a phone with the flexible OLED display that is codenamed as LG Z. On a lighter note, this bendable OLED display is made of plastic substrates that is opposed to glass, and is only 0.44mm thin, weighing 7.2g.

I’m pretty sure this is a great tech, but how are you supposed to use all the inflexible mobile phone accessories like batteries? Of course, to have a truly flexible phone, the phone’s components must be flexible too, right? And so, after the flexible screen, LG now announces that it will produce bendable batteries! And actually, they have been successful in producing not just one battery but three of its kind. There are curved, stepped, and cable namely that were developed by LG Chem.

The curved battery is said to fit into smartphones, smartwatches, and smart glasses even. All thanks to its “stack and folding” technology, you can now juice up your curved screen or flexible design with ease.

The second one, stepped battery, got its name because it is made of two joined separate batteries in a step-like design. The stepped battery was born out of the idea that it could fit to different small spaces and compartments that usual batteries can’t. LG Chem also claimed that these batteries have also increased by 16 percent in capacity.

And the last but not the least, here goes the cable battery. It’s not the least as I boldly claim since it is the most high-tech among the three batteries. Like a typical cable, you can bend, twist, and knot this piece of tech even. Not only that, this battery is safe to use since it uses low electricity and is waterproof.

So, there are your flexible batteries for your flexible smartphones. So, what comes next?

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