Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bugs of iOS 7 and How to Fix Them

For the last couple of weeks, Apple’s iOS 7 has always been hitting the headlines and had been written in any angle in the mobile blogosphere. So, here I am adding up in the pile. However, I intend not to create another fuss about it, but rather to write in a different perspective. While other articles posted praise that of iOS 7’s new features, I am now deliberately disclosing some bugs that has been overlooked.

Not to say that I want to bash that of Apple’s iOS 7, but these glitches are important to be dealt with to experience the maximum potential of what the mobile platform can offer. So, as I spot every flaw of this beefy mobile operating system, I also offer the quick fixes to get the best of your smartphone. So, head on; read on. Let’s get started and fix those bugs!

#1: Music Apps Crashing When You Received a Call or Text

If you happened to be listening to music and then someone texts or calls you in the moment, I’ll do nothing but to start a countdown till you get bummed out in 3… 2… 1… Yeah, and there goes your audio apps crashing. This is but one of the things that could get us all miffed especially if we’ve made listening to music and exchanging messages simultaneously as a habit. Well, I guess there is no better fix right now to get it all done, but to switch your phone into Airplane mode. In that way, you won’t be able to receive any calls or messages, and you’ll be able to enjoy your music session.

#2: Some Apps Log You Out After Every Use

It has been our practice to keep our social accounts all logged in at all times since nobody else is using our phones apart from us. They can use or borrow your cell phone accessories like earphones and chargers, but not the phone itself. As we all claim it: it is a personal device. And so, when we want to access the apps to keep us socially connected, we want it immediately logged in. And this is the bug I’m about to stress, and probably, you may have experienced it as well. The apps keep logging you out right after you have used them. It all boils down to iOS 7’s new background app, refresh feature. If you want to seize this madness, go to the: Settings > General > Background App Refresh … and from there, disable any apps that aren't working.

#3: The Bug in the iMessage

Everyone knows what dreadful situations they could get through just because of a … yes, message not sent. Some may even get caught into a fight. And this is what the iMessage of iOS 7 has heated up. There are no indications when your message is delivered. You just have to hope that the other person on the line receives it, or get your hopes crumbling down as he or she picks up a tiff. And I believe that this one has annoyed millions of users. To get your messages delivered, tweak your settings by following these steps: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. And so, this should do the trick.

As long as the version of iOS 7 keeps updating, just bring up what bugs you. Hopefully and eventually, Apple will get it done as you keep biting into their products.

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