Sunday, September 29, 2013

iPhone 5C: Is It Worth It?

Who could have imagined that Apple would release a cheaper iPhone? Most people—if not all—are well aware that the iPhone Generations sure do cost a real pretty penny, not until the release of iPhone 5C. Or, would you rather really think that the ‘C’ in iPhone 5C really stands for “cheap”? Let’s find out.

What makes this handset device stand out is because it comes in various funky shades—all intended to boost the aesthetics. It comes in white, red, yellow, blue, and green. So, if ever you’re going to choose phone cases for iPhone 5C, your choice of designs would then be limited to clear cases so as to not counter the style or the color it flaunts—or you could at least find some swanky iPhone 5C cases that could let you mix and match with colors. And with that being said, the ‘C’ would definitely make a stand for “color”. Is this yet another reason to love iPhone? It is quite more engaging and delightful, I say.

It has a 4-inch Retina Display, which is the same with iPhone 5, but the back and sides are made of uni-body plastic material—perhaps the factor that contributed to its cheaper price even if it runs iOS 7 like that of iPhone 5, is powered by the A6 chip, has 8-megapixel shooter at the back, and even more likely now that it has an upgraded front-facing camera, which can now work better in lower light situations. It also comes in 16 and 32GB storage capacity and boasts 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, but the lack of MicroSD card slot is yet another thing to complain about.

Going back to the A6 chip, it is designed to be extremely energy efficient, so you could “exhaust” every feature and app of your iPhone without having the need to worry about your battery juicing out in just a few hours. Surely you won’t be disappointed with its improved battery life.

iPhone 5C also features a new camera app that lets you shoot images in a square format, choose from eight live filters that can be applied before and even after you take your photo, use an instant filter to have a vintage color look with your shots, make the scene have a more vivid color with the Chrome filter, or capture a self-portrait in dramatic black and white with the Noir. The new camera app sure has something to offer that would make you love “Phoneography” more.

Not wanting to be left out, it also boasts the HD video that lets you record up to 1080p HD better with its new 3x zoom feature. You can even smooth out shake footage through the help of video image stabilization.

Apple’s iPhone 5C sure has something to boast, but what about its price? Will ‘C’ stand for “cheap”? Let’s take a comparison with iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S:

iPhone 5S: 16GB model - £549; 32GB model - £629; and 64GB model - £709. It’s pricey, yes, but it is reasonable somehow. Let’s take a look with iPhone 5C:

iPhone 5C: 16GB model - £469; and 32GB model - £549.

Well, you see, that’s not cheap at all. Apple has been known for producing smartphones that are great but comes with a price. With the build of iPhone 5C, you might also want to prepare your budget with replacement parts. But with its iPhone 5C, is it worth it?

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